How to get more 'rythm' during a 200m sprint

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to improve my 200m sprint. My frequenty is pretty ok, but my stride length isn’t that good.

We(my coach and me) have come to the conclusion that my main issues are relaxation and rythm during my race.

Can anyone give me some tips how to achieve this?

J the first thing you must achieve is relaxation.when running relaxed muscles fire and work better in harmony.rythem will happen with practice and when it happens you’ll notice that sprinting fast isn’t really that difficult.its getting that initial feel that is the hardest part,after that you can remember what it feels like-just like riding a bike

Have there been any experiments with music in training? Like Brazilian soccerplayers use Sambamusic for there trainingsessions.

music can be used for uplifting an athlete or even claming an athlete.i have seen a top sports therapist using a serious a bleeps to enable his athlete to refine his run-up.this particular athlete was having problems in this area and the solution was to use these bleeps which would be trained and most improtantly encraved into his sub-consious.interesting stuff and that sa different story.