How to get back at someone who spits in your drink?

I recently had my drink spit into (at least I’m 80% sure), and would like to get back at the JA for what he did.

I drank a drink I bought, and thought it tasted funny. The same guy also asked me about my backpack when I was on the computer. I asked him straight forward after I drank the drink, but he denied it. A person I talk to in class said he was acting strange, and turned red after I asked him. SO, I believe he did it, and would like to get back at him.

I would just like to kick his ass, but me being a senior and liking to go to a good college, getting a police record isn’t my best choice to get over a punk.

But, this is my last period class, and its auto class. This guy is a redneck (actually most all these idiots in my class are, unfortunetly I have to live in SC 5 more months), and really likes his car. :wink:

So, any “fun” ideas, whether dealing with his car or not, in getting back at this POS?

I have already screwed with him pychologically. I talked around his friends about how I was going to f up him and his car Monday, and know they will relay it to him. I would just deal with it through administrators, but can’t prove he did it.

So, any ideas? :slight_smile:

Yes, get a ski mask. Kidding, but I’d most definitly confront him at the worst possible time.


Wipe dog (or human) crap on his car door handle (or to be fair, you could just pee on his door handle). I also had a friend (on my college track team) that did this (if you know where the guy lives):

  1. Take a bucket and get some friends

  2. Pee inside and do whatever you can to make the bucket (or trash can if need be) disgusting (including dropping some kids at the pool)

  3. Make sure the gent is home

  4. Knock on the door (or ring the doorbell) and lean the bucket (again, or trash can) against the door at about a 45- to 60-degree angle.

  5. When the dude answers the door, all hell breaks loose!!

I swear the person that did this wasn’t me!! Freakin’ disgusting!!

I PM’d him this a little while ago. I did this to somebody myself yesterday. Good results!

Which one did you do? That’s disgusting.



Wow… That’s pretty f*cked up (the bucket idea), but seems funny… I know that if that did happen, it would probably escalate to something worse. You could always let the air out of his tires… :cool:

One day back in High School before class started in the morning, me and 4 of my buddies thought of this brilliant idea. My other friend (Jay) had this huge lifted truck and always messed with this guy Adam (We were all football buddies). So, Adam, being good with cars, decides the next day to bring his jack to school with him, take Jay’s rear tire off, leave the tire on the hood (it took 3 of us to get the damn tire up there haha), and leave his truck on a set of blocks. Hahah it was so damn funny to see the look on his face when he saw that.

But seriously. Hmm… I know some of my friends used to find roadkill and put it on people’s cars overnight. The next morning they had animal control out there at there houses to get the dead animals off the cars! Hahah… wow… I’m getting all these good memories back.

Great ideas, keep them coming.

It would have been probably better if I didn’t talk shit about him, and did the dog crap thing under his car door handle, but I will probably wait a month or until the end of the school to do it, so he cant make me a fall guy.

But, by then, I will probably forgotten all about it. One way or another, I am pissed about it (although at this point dont care about it anymore). Unitl then, I will probably just treat him like crap if I see him.

I could also just do an eye for an eye thing and just screw with his drinks as well. That being, I could just throw out his drinks when he isn’t looking, or do something nasty to them (any ideas on that too?). Those drinks cost a buck you know :slight_smile: . That is just another idea to throw out there.

How about you just write it off and move on. Watch your drink next time.


I would rather screw with him. Anyways, doesn’t the Bible say an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth?

It may, but municiple and state law problably doesnt.


But George Bush is president. Christianity is above the law.:wink:

I would give him a Colombian Necktie, then tell him to try spitting in my drink again! :eek: :eek:

You guys are too much.



Here is one i did, lol, go by a bar or restaurant that he usually goes to, carry as much of your buddies as possible, and order as much as you can for a whole night, then leave it on his tab…:smiley:

Another one would be to get a can of spray paint or regular paint and a brush, marker, whatever, and write up something offensive on his room door, or locker, or car or whatever. Like if there are alot of spanish dudes in the school, write up “I hate “spanish” people!” or “I hate “enter nationality here” people”

This one is a bit extreme but its bound to get at him. Call the cops from a pay phone and report that he is stashing coke/weed/bombs! in his room. Try to sound believeable as possible and do it at a time when alot of people are in his room or passing by to add to the embarrasment.

Those are some good links for pranks, just found them. ENJOY :smiley:

Messing with Cars? I heard of someone who put an open condom into the petrol tank of a car. Everytime the car was used it would choke to a stop when the condom flowed across the filter and blocked supply. Then it would float away again, allowing the car to start again for a short time until it choked to a halt again. It took the guy six weeks to figure out the problem. Evil


As far as the restaurant thing, I dont know the guy and dont care to know him.

As far as spray painting one, he doesn’t go to this school. He drives his car over with his other butt buddies from his school, and comes here for Autotech class. The car would be right next to the classroom. Coudln’t spray paint someones car at the school, but could do crap under the door handle.

The cop call one sounds good, but if I got caught pulling that, that could lead to a nice time with the cops :slight_smile: .

Anyways, these ideas sound great for college, and will finally be leaving the crap halls of high school in four months to go to college. Finally!!!

If you spend your time trying to get back at every jerk-off who messes with you, you won’t have any time left to live your life.
If you really feel the need for revenge, get a better looking girlfriend than he has. If he doesn’t see her, or if he does and he’s gay, what the hell, your still ahead!

LOL. That one is good