How to Apportion Excercises

I wish to incorporate the following excercises in my MaxS. weights program:
Cleans and/or Snatches,
Rom. DL

I am looking at a basic 2 + 1 excercises (2-5 sets) per session set-up.
Any suggestions as how to apportion them over 3 sessions? Am I looking to include too may excercises? Squats and DLs too much in one session?

Please assume I will be lifting days 1,3,5 which will follow track work of speed, speed endurance/special endurance, speed, in that order.

Appreciate all suggestions, particularly from Senior Members.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Am I looking to include too may excercises?


If your cleans are reasonable I would omit DLs. Additionally, snatches will do little to increase maximum force.

I would stick to Bill Starr’s big three: Bench, Squat and Clean

Thanks David.

Anyone else?

Standing shoulder press or pushpress is a very valuable exercise as well.


Thanks Chris,

good suggestion. However, i was hoping the inclusion ofOl might negate the need for that excercise. :slight_smile:

I pretty much agree with David W and Starr. I usually like to use one leg exercise, one pushing exercise and one pulling. That way you pretty much hit all of the major muscle groups with only three lifts. The specific lifts are less important, but stick to big basic movements. Always remember that weights are general to sprinting, so don’t feel wedded to any particular lift that you have to fit into the program. There are many good exercises that achieve the same general effect. Of course in a GPP phase you could include more lifts, but it depends on your needs and development.