how this look for a program

Hi i am a HS sprinter (sophomore), my PRs are 12.5ht in 100, and 25.9ht in 200 and i am looking to get faster, most of our in season is a lot of speed endurance work and very little maxv and accel work so i am trying to develop those two in the off season. right now i am in GPP and my main focus is to get stronger then hows this look for an SPP(hope it can be considered that wink, any comments or suggestions will be appreciated

Day 1- MaxV(flying 10s,20s, and maybe some F-E-F), then a weight room session with low volume lower(vertical plyos with a reactive component, Jump Squat, RDL/Posterior Chain Exercises) then upper body(vertical push,/shoulder, horizontal push, horizontal pull, vertical pull)
2- General Strength Circuit for Recovery
3- Accelerations(10,20,30,40) then for weight room lower body only. Exercises will be like: Jumping Activities, OLs(if i can learn how to do them), ATG Squat, Posterior Chain movement, maybe a unilateral movement or hamstring exercises
4- General Strength Circuit for Recovery
5- Full Body Weights(OLs(if i can learn how to do them), Parallel Squat, PC movement, upper body[(vertical push,/shoulder, horizontal push, horizontal pull, vertical pull0 but less volume than day 1]
6 -General Strength Circuit or Tempo for recovery
7- Rest

i am going to do 3-1(in unloading week i will do days 1-4 the same with less volume or intensity then do performance tests on 5 and/or 6 to monitor performance

i feel like my reactivity is very weak, my vertical is about the same as my running vertical(maybe an inch higher) . should i be doing more to help with my muscle elasticity and reactivity

wheres the speed endurance and fitness work ? i made that mistake… dont repeat it !

" It is logical to try and improve first in the area where it can be obtained more easily. A beginner might improve 2\10ths of a second by focusing on the start or 2.5 seconds over 100 meters by focusing on speed endurance "

Charlie Francis

although i agree with the quote i feel like speed endurance is only a short term solution for my situation: 1. if i focus mainly on Se in the off season i will peak(not sure this is the right word) and have minimal improvements during the season( because it is mainly speed endurance and if i am good at that already not much room to improve)
2. i feel speed endurance is only a short term improvement/solution, ex no matter how good your SE is, no one is going to get set records or good times when their best 10 fly is 1.10(my guess of what mine is)

Yea obviously you have to work on everything but all I did in the off season before i started competing was starts, 60m runs, flying runs and weightlifting… i got very strong and got a good start but i just died after 40 meters … i wish i had done hill work, those milllion medball throws workouts, intensive tempo, pool, and stuff like that…

but thats just my experience and im a slow bastard :slight_smile:

I’m new to all this so I have a question. My 100m time is in the same range as the OP. But I am wondering is it advisable to do hurdle work and max velocity work like flying sprints in the same session? If it is then my set up will be easy to do this summer.

Day 1 - Hurdle Work, Max V, plyo?, rest, ME Lower
Day 2 - Extensive Tempo, rest, DE Upper
Day 3 - Rest
Day 4 - DE Lower + plyo, rest, Intensive Tempo
Day 5 - Rest
Day 6 - ME Upper
Day 7 - Rest

Should I move the Extensive Tempo into Day 3 and the Intesive Tempo onto Day 5? Or is this ok

good thing my thing my main event is going to be the 55m, for indoor track, then i will do as you said and add more SE as i prepare for outdoor

Can’t you spread the load a little and split the hurdle work and max velcoity up and get some specific track work on day 6? I see your original question was about joining hurdles work and max velocity on the same day, but I don’t understand why you need to do this.

I would say your speed endurance isn’t that great when comparing your 100m and 200m bests. It depends what sort of sessions your coach is giving you for endurance work, whether it is actually speed endurance or is it leaning more towards special endurance/intensive tempo. In 2006, my best flying 30 was 3.22 and I ran 11.4 off that. Therefore if that works out to be a 1.07 flying 10, maybe a little quicker, I would suggest you can improve your speed endurance.

Doing speed endurance would probably raise your top speed too. Even though the emphasis on speed end is obviously going to focus on improving your speed endurance, there will still probably be an improvement in top speed as well. Remember that there is a specific and general effect when doing different kinds of speed work.

Ok I’ll move the flying sprints before the ME upper on day #6. Is there anything else I should do? Like should I leave the rest days the way the are or should I add some stuff. Where should I add the Speed Endurance