How the isorobic exerciser works

I was just wondering if anyone on this forum could explian exactly how the isorobic exerciser works and are the guys in the video using the trainer or is that something else?

i’m not a very technical dude but what i can tell you is that it does work and was worth every $ i spent.

This is a great one!!!

i think it’s a total waste of money. there is other cheaper equipment that will give u the same result.

Gee … some people don’t get my sarcasim at all! :rolleyes:

relax bud, i was not responding 2 u. i ment the isorobic execiser is a total wast of money.

Yeah, but how does it work??? What does front side pawing have to do with anything??

Like what?

Frictional Resistance around a coil. Well worth the money especially if you can get a 50meter cord.

Gee, that guy will fly after that! Hell, they had to strap him down to keep him from taking off right then.