how often sprinting at 100%

ok, we have track workouts 3 days a week mon, tues, wed. usually it will be like a cycle, like 3,2,1,2,3, and such. we usually have pretty good recovery between runs

but the big question is if i run something like that workout 100% each time, wouldnt that be overtraining??

if it is then i would build up the intensity each time like: 300m-65%, 200m-70%, 100m-75%, 200m-80%, 300m-80%

wouldn’t this be the best way to not “overtrain”

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What is the purpose of the workout and why 3x in a row? It really has no benefit to your accel/max v/speed endurance capacities in anyway, but possibly your special endurance abilities (who cares though if there is no speed to go with it?).

its the school track workout, and i guess its just an endurance session.