how much??

This is the scenario or situation rather…

In season; 1-2 meets per week. I am using short to long for short sprints, concurrent for long sprints.
I would like to focus on short speed and speed endurance beyond race distances for SS and use the actual meet as workouts if you will for the exact distances.

LS will use the meets for the special endurance and the practice for lact tolerance and speed speed endurance.

SS-100-200; LS 400

How much there are roughly 10-11 weeks left this season. How much speed should they be doing weekly including the meet for LS and SS. How much Special endurance? How much tempo?
Lastly, these are HS kids w/ a couple of years at least under their belt. they all have played fall and winter sports or at least have been working out in the off season on track.

to make it easier, I will show you my first macro.