how much weight on sled drag

ok i play bball and i wanna do something to warm up before workout and i kno sled drag isnt bad how much weight should i be using and i only have the straps so no, harness could u recomend a good warmup or gpp work i could do with a sled that will not slow down my speed cause i kno running with it will but what if u do farmers walk well let me kno guys thanx

I occasionally use light sled drags at the start of my sessions to work on acceleration (along with med-ball starts). Usually the weight of the sled will be enough (if you have one of those where you can attach extra weights). Better to go too light than too heavy.

how is 150 for 160lb athlete

Not if you’re planning to move with it.

Try 15-25 lb.

Fuck that is hard to read. Please use punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar. Louie Simmons suggests 90 pounds as a base for warming up and low intensity work. I agree.

Sounds a little high for a general warm up. Not sure where you read that, could you provide a link. I have read almost all of Simmon’s articles and I do not recall him stating 90lbs for a warm up.

I would recommend walking forwards and backwards with the straps looped around your weight belt with no more than a plate on the sled for a general warm up prior to sprinting. However, as a warm up prior to sprinting I would suggest performing various calisthenic, mobility and dynamic flexibility drills in favor of sled dragging.

On the deepsquatter Q&A he says 2-3 plates. On elite they recommend 2 paltes.

I don’t think he will be warming up for sprinting but weight training sessions, because he is training for basketball.