How much do the elite guys improve during the season?

Generally how much do the top guys improve from their first opener to the major Championships? This is a time span of about 3 months right?
Approximately how much could a lower level sprinter eg junior expect to improve from his opener until after 3 months of competition?

My 2002 Season:

Meet #1 11.39 wind +1.2
Meet #2 11.20 wind +.5
Meet #3 11.04 wind -.5
Meet #4 11.00 wind +1.6
Meet #5 10.96 wind +2.5
Meet #6 10.98 wind +3.4
Meet #7 10.92 wind +1.8
Meet #8 11.03 wind nwi

Best race from worst race
11.39 - 10.92= .47

My goal is to open up in March at 10.75 (first meet)
and finish w/ 10.35 ( 12 meet). I know I can w/ 6 days on training during the fall phase oppose to 2 days a week.

We’ll see in 2004…

Kenny Mac~~

Every week for the first 2 meets,
Between the 3rd and 4th meet I’d a 2 week break.
My season started 2nd week in March.

Kenny Mac~~~

Surely someone must have an answer for this one?

That’s an open-ended question. Depends on the shape they started with and why.

OK, suppose an athlete has been absent from sprinting competion for like 3 years, but has been training consistently for 6 months, but with no competitions, do you think it’s possible that this athlete could improve by as much as 0.5 with 3 months of competition?

My Season

Meet 1 11.38 wind +.6
Meet 2 11.33 wind +.9 (in Pouring down rain temp 53 degrees)
Meet 3 11.10 wind +.2
Meet 4 11.03 wind +1.2
Meet 5 11.05 wind -.02
Meet 6 11.02 wind +1.1

Best race subtracted from Worst race
.36 of a second.

My last race I shut it down at 95m Planter gave out in foot. I was on pace for 10.8 I believe.

Kenny Mac~~

Kenny, over what period of time were these meets? Were they spaced once a week apart, once a fortnight apart or what?