How much can I improve my speed?

Let’s say I’m starting in a DE-TRAININED state from two years of jogging… in my first speed training session today, I ran a best of 3.11 sec FAT for 27.42m (the distance between three men’s hurdles). This is equal to ~8.82 m/sec… not very good. My question is, how rapidly do you think I can improve my velocity and to what extent before I begin to plateu?

As long as you are loading and unloading properly introducing new stimulus to the body and giving the body a chance to adapt “plateuing” should not even be an issue.

You mean to say that I will never stop improving until age catches up with me? In other words, I can potentially go from being an 11.7h runener at 18 to being a world-class sprinter at some point after years of training?

anything is possible, but likely no…
The reason i am saying no is because look at the times every world class sprinter has run at the age of 18… for sure that is only statisics but can anyone offer scientific information to back it up?


If you have the ability and body to become a world champion - Yes.

Obviously improvement rate will decrease over time, but from a theory point of view you can continue to improve - if anything is correct. This is includes injuries, time to train and training methods.

Wasn’t Donovan Bailey still running 11 flat at 24 years of age?

I don’t think he was running that slow. That info is up at He was definitely a late bloomer, but he always had crazy potential. Me, on the other hand… I have a talent level of zero on a scale of 1-10

Anything is possible however improbable. I can promise you one thing, if you don’t think more positively of yourself, nothing will happen. Think in big terms, bust your rear, and see where you end up.

Think big - but set realistic targets regarding a gradual increase in performance over a long period of time - then u get rewarded and make better progress in the long term


i’ve went from a 12.0 my freshman year PB to a 11.49 pb thisy ear my sophmore year.