How many different phases?

Just wondering how many phases there are in a general sprinting program…does it consist of just 2 (GPP and SPP)? If so…i know that GPP mainly consists of general conditioning, strength and accleration, but could someone please fill me in as to what the SPP consists of?(When i search it seems as if almost all of the discussion is about GPP) Also…please fill me in with what SPP stands for? Thanks.

Specific Physical Preparation. Its when you run fast over varying distances and the work is more specific to sprinting. It is disucssed at length in the CFTS and Van’04 DVD.

we can call it also special preparation:it consists of exercises more “specific” fro the event itself.
For a sprinter a spp contains more Speed endurance runs,more top speed emphasis, higher rest (more quality), lower volume of weights , hills and so on ( not just on CF template, on every template , moreso)
I suggest you to spend some weeks reading all the archives here in the forum, will be…enlighting