how long does the body take to adapt

i have been running the past 2 years with a coach who follows a long to short program. we did little speed work even at the end of the season, and i didnt see much improvement. however, my coach left this year and we will now be working with a new coach who follows a short to long program. i am wondering if anyone knows how long my body will take to adjust to the new program, after being on the other one for so long. i have been training under the new coach for about 4 weeks, and i already feel much quicker. But when I ran in a meet last week, i ran slower than i expected… any thoughts?

I’m in a similar boat as you are, I juts started a week ago a short to long program after over an year in a very intense long to short program. I think the main thing is doing things smartly, phasing in the speed work to avoid injury, 4 weeks sounds little time to taper or put someone in any form to compete with a new program. If your plan is well thought out and executed the results will come. Anyone can have a bad meet. Stick to plan and don’t worry about it, in particular if you feel better in training.

Track365, what event do you run?

You stated that you recently ran slower then expected. However, was this time faster then the times you ran with the old coach. If yes, then improvements are improvements, and you are already adapting.h

James Smith

Measuring adaptation would take much more information than what you provided. It is specific to the individual.