How important is fall training/conditiong for the 55/60/100?

i can see the importance for a 200 and 400 and even for the 100 to an extent but will training with a fall program instead of football make much of a difference come time for the season?

EXTREMELY important! I guess in training for football some elements may overlap with those of a GPP for the sprints,but a well thougt out GPP program will set the tone of the rest of your track season.There are example of such in this site (Threads on the Forum),as well as very interesting products on sale in the shopping area.

It prepares you for what you do next. It is the foundations of your house. It will allow you to achieve your best later on. Accelerating to top speed is very stressful and if your body isn’t prepared for it injury will result.

I think it depends on what you mean by “conditioning.” A proper GPP is essential for any training program; the length and activities included in GPP will depend on the athlete. However, conditioning in the sense of running multiple miles of cross country is not necessary and would likely be detrimental to most sprinters.

what kind of stuff should you be doing

what should i search for?

Try searching for keywords like; GPP, Fall training, Base training, etc