How heavy on squats for a 14 year old?

Hi I was wondering what you think. This is a small but well developed kid. He only weighs 110 pounds, but has about 6% bf and is pretty short. How much should he squat at his age? 1.5 times bw seems a little high for a goal, but maybe I am wrong?


What is his training age and what has he done prior as far as resistance training?

Last night I worked with one kid (91’ generation, 14 years) who could not do normal basketball training because fracture in the fist (he punched a wall after a losted game). We did some startings (10m) from various positions (bla,bla, bla) including medball work (trhrowing and acc). Later I gave himn to try overhead squats with medball (3kg) and he could not do it…
On my opinion kid should do what they can do! If you want your kid to do squats, try it with his body-weight only, if the form is poor correct form first! For this age, it is more important to teach them good body control (coordination) and exercise form! quality preeceds quantity!
If your kid h_curtis is good with squat, then do 15-20 rep (without failure, 3-5 reps in reserve)! Max weight for this age that can be used is 8RM (repetition maximum)
I hope I helped…

He is 14 and has been lifting for 5 months. We started pretty slow due to him being in football, but he is really doing well considering he is a small kid. We really didn’t do much on leg work, but lunges about every other week. I know that is strange, but his football was pretty time consuming and he isn’t my kid.

We did light squats 65 lbs and high reps. 4 sets and then lunges with 20’s in each hand. I don’t want to go to fast with him, but he handled it well and wasn’t sore at all the next day, so I am thinking upping this a bit.


Form isn’t an issue.

15-20 reps sound like a good plan to keep things at a good level. And yes, have some in the tank at the end of course. I have him do some deep knee bends at the end of each set as well to get a nice burn.