How does a good jumping shoe typically look like ?

I’m a basketball player, and i’m looking for some hard ruled regarding basketball jumping shoes

obviously track shoes are the best for jumping but you cant use them for ball, so… what should it look like and how can a shoe affect jumping ?

*I’m guessing not to get low cut, ive used them in the past and i just couldnt take off !

thanks 1

firstly you might get mroe responses if you post this is the basketball section, but you cuold try they have loads of bball shoes.

i know where to look for shoes, thats not what im asking.

That’s a strange comment. Why wouldn’t low cut allow you to take off? Low cut shoes should allow greater range of motion in the angle which would help with your jump. (Ever see a high top jumping shoe for track?)

Also, if you are counting on the support of the shoe to help your ankle stay stiff enough when jumping, I would look at training your foot and ankle for strength before worrying about shoes.