How do you know when speed is all in place to do SE?

I was wondering this, as im still working on accel to max velocity before i truly takle 120m sprints for the SE. I was also wondering whats really good training alternatives for working on accels, in relation to sprinting. Like template schemes 3x4x30 or 20m with 2 mins rest in btw reps and 4-5mins rest in btw sets? Im limited in knowing teh many workouts for accels in relation to max velocity type training.

Acceleration is best worked with short runs over 10-40m with full recovery (which might be upto 15min). How do you know when Accel is in place? Well if you have been working on it for say 8 weeks then you probably have improved it quite a bit and hopefully your times for standing 30m have come down and you feel like acceleration is a natural thing. Once this happens you can then move towards SE. As far as I’m concerned once you have speed to 60m down (e.g. you have improved your 60m performance) you can then work outwards and work on extending this speed over 70-120m.