How do you know if you have good genetics for running?

I think I have good genetics even though nobody in my family is real atheletic and my times dont show it yet…

You don’t until you’ve been training intelligently and solid for some years. Sprinters come in all different shapes and sizes, but generally those of west african decent with long limps and high calf insertion points tend to be the ones dominating sprinting. You do have many exceptions though, including Jeremy Wariner, the Chinese hurdler, Shingo, KK, etc.

I Beg To Differ,

well, my mom ran the 800m for baylor when she was in college. and i think my brother and sister get the genetics . my dad was slow as hell. he played offensive line in football and weighed only 175, but that was back then though and he was considered big.

and i get most of my genetics from him. im having a hard time cutting down my times right now.

i guess its because of the pulled hamstrings that never quite healed, and i have too many muscle cramps in my legs

is high hips good for sprinting?

I have very high hips.

Low VO2 uptake would indicate more fast twitch muscle.

would it? Where is this information from?

CFTS I think

Has anyone done a study of the top sprinters and determined how closely related they are…I mean is there a certain family line that produces the top 100m athletes…can they all be traced to a few sets of parents??

Actually you are wrong. Look at all the sprinters, they all have excellent aerobic abilities developed via the low intensity recovery work(go and try 2000-3000m worth of tempo @ 75%) and from gpp periods where circuit work is performed heavily.

i wouldn’t say so; from a quick look at OW, this might not be the case…

tempo work -as said before- and if performed by the sprinter will boost and/or keep aerobic capacity at a high level

besides, who cares about their VO2max/peak and how can you be sure of a sprinter running on a treadmill? i’ve tested a few sprinters with all sorts of results for all sorts of reasons -boredom and mechanics included

I think the best indicator is the one charlie used to identify ben(he was considered slow when he first got him remember?). He was very aggressive and twitchy I believe, which showed that he had a very active and fast moving nervous system, the real determinant in how fast one is going to go.

Did I miss the World Genetic conference when they announced West Africans are built for sprinting. I have seen the same comment in other post on this site.

Sprinters do come in all shapes and sizes. I am one of the very few sprinters at 6’3 1/2 232 that hieght and measurement is with my shoes off and shorts on when i was in college. Was I born with good genes. I come from a line of Seminole indians and black slaves. I have posted times of 4.33 hand time in the 40 and FAT 10.24 in the 100m. Long jump 25 2 1/2, TJ
50ft all this was in college.

I only see the typical sprinters 5’5 to 5’9 130 to 175 pounds. Quincy Watts inspired me because he was a Linebacker just like i was and he had speed.

^you have a terrell owens build… he looks lean as fuck

btw, whose the dude in your avy?


Hey need that dude is AMG, yes all 6’3 1/2 230 pound of me. That was a photo taken at practice.

How can you pack all that bodyfat around?? :smiley:

I always thought this would indicate a fat a$$.

I think we all forgot something. How about relatives?

Did I miss the World Genetic conference when they announced West Africans are built for sprinting

I seem to remember reading on Oztrack some time ago that every athlete under 10s in the hundred has been of african/caribbean decent, apparently the only exception is an Aboriginee from Oz. Don’t know if this has changed recently.