How do you eat?

When you have done some hard training and you feel like you wanna puke, how do you manage to get nutritions into your body? :smiley:

I’ve tried coca cola and it works OK. Looking for more tips and tricks on how to eat while you rather want to puke.

I’m transitioning from 100m to 400m and I got no problem with the lactate training, but can’t figure out how the 400m guys manage to eat afterwards …

You need to make sure your nutrition is in place far away from your training and then wait until you recover. Alternatively, I guess you might force feed yourself but is there really any point?
KitKat1 has been busy but I will check with him to see if he might have any solutions. He is the expert around here when it comes to this sort of thing.

I would like to eat as close as possible to the workout for faster recovery.

Several researches suggest that nutrition intake before/during/after workout will increase muscle regeneration. And I would like to take advantage of that!

what do you eat before training? Could be the reason you feel sick during/after training?

There is a well-known insulin cycle, where you can reach a blood sugar peak 30-45 minutes after ingesting food…and a blood sugar BOTTOM 90 minutes after ingesting food. Exercise mitigates the effect somewhat but you do NOT want to race at the blood sugar bottom. So it’s best to take little nutrition within 60 minutes of a race or challenging workout (repeat).

There is evidence of a combination of carbs and protein after workout improving recovery. I like Frappuccino for this.

BTW I’ve also done some timed reaction tests with Red Bull and found the best (measured) result 2 HOURS (not 15 minutes) after taking it. Different things get into your bloodstream at different rates. Do your own testing and don’t accept a face value what “they say.”

It doesn’t have to be in solid form. In fact, liquids are easier to drink, digest, absorb. When appetite is back to normal, then you can have your proper meal. I am no expert in nutrition; hopefully, Lyle can contribute here.