How do i get flexible

Right i hit a 32.5" vert last night legit and then followed it up with a 4.2s 30m :mad: thats like a 4.8s 40yard if im lucky

Now i weghed in at ~87kg at 5’10 which is too heavy for me. I know im carry a nice bit of fat so im working on that.

I tested half squat recently - 220kg 1rm, so no problem strength wise.

So it must be my flexibility/technique that are holding my 30m back. I tend to power thru the runs and cut off my stride length

So can any one help a fella out with felxibility, technique work?

Currently i train as per gpp dvd

good solid dynamic warmup
a drills with knees high
sprints + isorobic work
medball work
cleans, squats etc

But i just cant seem to increase my stride length. To be honest i dont know if i really need to.

Help please?
What do you all do for flexibility work?

one thing i found, with stride length, Concetrate on arms, not legs.
Look at some good footage of some real fast guys, Look at their arms, look how high they go, at their angles-how they hold their angles (particually when they are relaxed).
Cf mentioned about this in his seminars, more so he deminstrated it, its pretty hard to explain in words…
Also, once the arms are techniqually their, when running, only focus on driving the arms downwards, not up, not backwards, just downwards.

As per stretching, try at night time, holding stretches for around a minute each. Also try, plenty of massage around the hips n glutes. I have been getting a bit their as of late, and it makes a nice difference. Lossen up the tight muscles with massage.

Hope it helps…
Oh, how was the 4.2 timed? hand or camcorder? Also, whilst your at it, set out markers for each 10m. That might give you an indication of where your suffering? perhaps the 1st 10m is fantastic? Perhaps your loosing out in the last 10m by not hitting decient top speed yet?

thanks for the help
it was electronic with the timing gates on laser tripods. my first 10 was about 1.8s, they gave us that too.
i must find a good masseuse

4.2e 30m. That’s not too bad…hell I’ll run that during my first few reps of block work. Sometimes it takes me 5 or 6 reps to get down to 4.0-4.1e (touchpad start) and I can run 11.1fat. Maybe it’s not a specifically a flexiblity problem but more of a warm-up problem?

A 4.20 FAT should result in approx 4.70-80 for REAL FAT 40 yards, and reaction time is not measured in 40 yd test, either.
As I understand you can clip off another 0.2 in these kind of test with your hand on a sensor where time starts to run when you take it off.
So a 4.5 40yd football test should be possible for a true 4.20 sprinter…

But what you asked about - do streching, especially if you know you have flexibility issues.
Look up older threads. The where various discussions on streching, pro and con yoga, pilates etc.

true the warmup was shocking - nothing - not allowed any trial runs or anything. it was a wonder hamstrings werent torn.
i suppose it was hard on the trainer though seen as there were 30plus of us to get thru in a short time.

it wasnt FAT but rather from our first movement so probably 4.4 FAT or more.
with more of a warmup maybe i can get down to 4

I defintely cant fully extend though and its killing my stride length. i will put up vids this weekend and you’ll see.

i got a good pdf just now - Pavel Tsatsouline - Relax Into Stretching.pdf

Any one read it?
any good?

an acrobat friend swears by it and he’s damn bendy

It would probably help to do dynamic stretching as others have said. Also, how are your hip flexors as far as strength? Are you doing some form of high knees drills?

im constantly doing a’s and bounding. my a’s are good i can get good knee height but only at walking pace. i try get a really good stamp down onto ball of feet each time though.

my bouding is very poor - i cant get good knee height at all.

my knee height is even worse when im sprinting though. it feels like barely above 45degrees.

to be honest i wonder will all this help in the sport i play though. ill never be a sprinter and learning to be one will help my 30m test score but my smaller strides make me much more agile on the field

joconor, man if you don’t have pronounced frontside mechanics, you may be sprinting with an anterior pelvic tilt or even neutral ( the correct posture is POSTERIORLY TILTED PELVIS, think tall, with your butt sorta tucked under). Don’t actually try to raise your knees while sprinting, that would be detrimental :smiley:

most important while sprinting is to relax and think absolutely nothing. Actually that’s the beauty of sprinting… don’t focus on technique, Long or short strides etc, get your relative power up, get your eccentric strength up, and the kinematics pretty much fall in place.
But i think you already know that :slight_smile: