How can i improve my acceleration

Im a 400m and 4 by 100m who has a few months to improve his scceleration before races begin any tips?

Charlies book CF Training System and his DVD ‘Fundamentals of Speed and Strength’ cover this topic well. Both are available through the online store. Additionally there is a wealth of knowledge in the online forum: have a look with the search function: you can easily get lost in the threads. Some elements contributing towards primary acceleration include (no particular order):
i. technique
ii. block settings
iii. maximal strength to body weight
iv. ‘upwards’ plyo’s
v. general conditioning
vi. relaxation/smooth execution.

Hope this helps. Why do you feel your acceleration is the 400m race aspect that needs improvement? There are some great threads in the forum on 400m training.

Usually work in the weight room will help acceleration, especially early acceleration. However, I’m not sure that this is the best place to spend training time for a 400m runner?

check out the lactate threshold thread. it has much info in there that will make your 400m faster. It will also help your last 40m off your 100m race too - thats if you can actually accerate out to 60m! If you can only acc out to 30m, then it will help your last 70m of your 100m!

link to that please? would just training speed be better for his long term development, and at his age?

look around its a sticky.