how bad would it be if...

I did a short intense long distance run (~3000m) through cross country terrain after my speed work?

I ask this because just the other day after discovering a really nice forest trail near my track, i remebered how much i used to love going on corss country runs… (ti loved pushing myself hard for the duration of the runs, i loved the scenery, and most off all i loved the runners high)… Seeing as how many ppl do weights or whatever after their speed work, how bad would it be if i did this type of run after??


bad. do that stuff on another day if you must.

It would be bad, but you could do it. If you like doing it, then do it, but it will be detrimental to your running. Your comparison between weights after speed work and long distance running is not very good and totally ignores the point of doing weights period.

so would it be better to do it on a tempo day? wouldn’t this hamper recovery? ps i’d only be doing this once/week…

Well the only way you could use it somewhat efficiently is as a recovery jog. Do it on Saturday (assuming MWF are high intensity and TThS are low intensity) as your recovery if you really want to do it.

just wondering why exactly is it so bad?? ppl do heavy weights after sprints, and i would assume that an intense 3000m run wouldn’t really be much more taxing…

You are missing the entire point.
Heavy weights—>Increase strength/power/etc. Compliments sprinting. Helps toward the goal of fast sprinting.
Intense 3000m run—>Increase… what? Aerobic abilities are taken care of via extensive tempo already 3x a week and also in the warm-up/down. The 3000m run would cause issues fiber type wise (although research is still early, it sure isn’t good!), nervous system wise, defeat your goal, etc.

Have you read CFTS?

its slightly more complicated than this but…

endurance, lightness of foot, shortened grocery list…

speed, strength, quickness, chicks…

another question somewhat related…

would it be bad if on my sprimnt/weight days i added a conditioning session done with rather high intesity, but not really involving running ie fast skipping rope with double skips with the rope, burpee, pushups, medball throws, all thrown into a circuit with little to no rest??


This site is all about the seperation of training into high intensity days and low intensity days. A circuit is low intensity as you have described. Do that stuff on a day apart from your sprint/power training.

why do you insist on adding so many conditioning workouts when you should already have 2-3 built into your week if you are doing CFTS?

b/c i find that if i leave two days for tempos (apart from sprints/weights) i become afraid to push myself (or i push too hard) during the tempo days… thus if i added some conditioning to the high-days there would be no second guessing… ie i could push myself hard without worrying about it interfering with my recovery, unlike if i did this during a tempo day. Either way i try to add these extra conditioning sessions because quite frankly i enjoy pushing myself cardiovascularly… i seem to be decent in this department, but when it comes to sprinting and lifting, i;m generally weak and slow. I guess ppl try to do what they’re better at. Unfortunetly this kind of training is also counterproductive to soccer (which is my main goal).

Anyway, so you’d put fast skipping and double skips with a skip rope in the low intesity category?

Yes they are low intensity probably.
You can go very hard cardiovascularly with tempo! 8x300m with walk 300m recovery is not easy… even 2-3x10x100m with crunches inbetween runs is not ridiculously easy if the rests are short enough. I just doubt you have maximized your tempo options. Have you looked at the big circuit in CFTS? Do that 3x a week and you will be in as good of aerobic shape as you will need to be I am guessing.

I think if your only goal is just becoming faster then dont go near that 3000m. However you sound like a novice athlete when it comes to sprinting, you should get strength and speed gains STILL regardless of the 3000m run. Probably wont be maximised.

A soccer player should have a combination of distance running, tempo, shuttle runs, sprints, weights, and plyometrics.

i understand that charlies implements the hi-lo system, but why would it be so bad if a did such a circuit on a high day? how would it really affect my speed given the fact that during gpp charlies has high components mixed with low components on tues thurs and saturday (explosive medballs with tempos with weights)…

I can’t remember the name of the study but you might be interested in the idea that the body remembers the LAST piece of training you do in the day and adapts to that… umm must look that up again.

you can do what you want. People may not recommend it, but you can only do what you want to do. No point in asking us if you know what you want to do.