hitting hurdles

does anyone know how much time it costs you. when you nail a hurdle with your lead or trail leg. i was always told it was around a tenth. i suppose this depends on how bad you hit it by a average time would be fine.

Depends on how you hit the hurdle and whether it’s lead or trail. As a rule the smaller hurdlers - like Mark McKoy- are much more affected.

look at tony dees in the 2000 trials, he was running awesome when he hit the hurdle, was this a result of too much speed. I have never been given an honest answer???

i was watching tape from the milrose games and when johnson and trammel hit the hurdles it was mostly with thier butt, but when trammel clip one with his trail leg foot is when he got beat. my problem is sometimes my trail leg drops and i hit them with my knee. when was 16 the only time i got over all the hurdles i ran a 14.21 when i didn’t iwas consistant around 14.7’s

one cue that may help with the trail leg action is to keep your toe up and heel close to butt…hope it helps

I find when I’m hitting hurdles with my butt it’s because I’m not leaning over the hurdle, instead sitting upright.