hind brain vs. fore brain

When correcting technique errors in someones technique what methods would be used to make this a hindbrain process eventually?

As you pointed out earlier- the hind-brain is for sprinting- the fore-brain is for debating Sharmer.

Thor,Charlie,Quickazhell here is the situation exactly as I can put it. In cycling it can be that a person makes repeated technique errors that need to be corrected. Repitition is not such a problem since during a given workout thousands of repeats happen for the pedal stoke. But I wonder how you might correct errors indirectly? Examples from sprinting would work to give me ideas.

I also am concerend about intensity level as it relates to technique. How do you progress with technique instruction say low intensity to high? My experiance says this does not work often when the desire is excellant techniqe at maximum efforts such as sprints. 

Another question is when you have someone who has incorrect technique in place already in the hind brain what do you do then? I notice a lot of resistance to change with this situation. Thoughts anyone?

Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Also dont forget that technique-errors can be corrected indirectly.

thor is right
practice over and over again and it will become a hind brain dominat activity.

Keep it simple- one thing at a time, and fix things indirectly whenever possible.

Something well worth checking first is that the athlete is not carrying muscle spasms, firing pattern problems and muscular imbalances. Remember that the body often mechanically adapts to these sort of issues, not only making it impossible to function with correct form, but also causing further learning of improper motor patterns into the hind brain. Very vicious circle.

DCW makes a good point…also look at the saddle height of your frame. Try using a mountain bike for some off season technique work. Research shows that THEY have the most efficinet stroke pattern.

Summmary-get therapy and set up your saddle and float on your pedals and let it happen. It is possible to find your natural technique through reps from your brain trying to make the firing pattern more relaxed and efficient.

Thanks for the replys I will try your suggestions.

Motor errors are dectected in the the motor cortex which is located in the forebrain.

The idea that sprinting is a hindbrain activity is not correct, a basic understanding of neurophysiology tells that all motor memories ( except spinal reflexes )are stored in the forebrain.

Originally posted by Sharmer
Motor errors are dectected in the the motor cortex which is located in the forebrain.

The idea that sprinting is a hindbrain activity is not correct, a basic understanding of neurophysiology tells that all motor memories ( except spinal reflexes )are stored in the forebrain.

“The cerebellum is involved in the coordination of movement. A simple way to look at its purpose is that it compares what you thought you were going to do (according to motor cortex) with what is actually happening down in the limbs (according to proprioceptive feedback), and corrects the movement if there is a problem. The cerebellum is also partly responsible for motor learning, such as riding a bicycle.”

Sharmer have a little think about the above and come back. Its a long weekend. :slight_smile:

Hint, co-ordination and control.

“Careful analyses of the motor disturbances so induced led Flourens (1824; see Dow and Moruzzi 1958) to conclude that the cerebellum is neither an initiator nor an actuator, but instead serves as a coordinator of movements. An animal with a damaged cerebellum still initiates and executes movement, but only in a clumsy manner.” - I’ll avoid the obvious comparison to your posts and instead, point you in the direction of thinking as to how this might relate to sprinting.

Sharmer…did you read my post months ago? Clearly your neuroscience was off. Just reading a medical anatomy and physiology book could show that.

So statements such as this
“The cerebellum, which means little brain in Latin, is in fact shaped like a small brain, and it is primarily responsible for coordinating involuntary movement. It is believed that, when you learn complex motor tasks, the details are recorded in the cerebellum” are disputed (cerebellum is part of the hindbrain). Does the research not conclusively support this theory? What does it say in the textbooks?

statement from http://www.ship.edu/~cgboeree/genpsycns.html

Charlie & Clemson

You couldnt be further from the truth, sprinting is not a hind brain activity.

Motor patterns occur in the following sequences.

  1. limbic system (arousal)
  2. frontal system ( motor plan)
  3. corticospinal tract- fibers that descend from the primary motor cortex at the level of the medulla.
    4)muscle contraction- cerebulum ( hindbrain) if required

Clemson & Charlie, i would like too see the scientific data that shows motor skills occur without the use of the forebrain. And if it can proven that sprinting is a hind brain activity, then the last of 50 years of neuroscience would be contradicted by CTF.com


" sprinting is hindbrain activity"

I raised this issue with a leading neurophysiologist & at the university of sydney over a month a ago. And it was shown not to be the case.

Muscle contraction - if required? Perhaps this all comes down to whether someone is doing it or thinking about how it might be done. Perhaps Sharmer will think about Amos’ post.

Sharmer, if you ask the right questions then you may have some hope of getting the right answers. All I can say is… frightening :frowning:

Take a step back and think a bit more about the question. The key word is think. Look at the total context and don’t be so simplistic. It’s a little embarrassing.

DCW 23 , i would embarrassed too if i was arguing sprinting is a hindbrain activity.

You have not provided a structured critism of the view that i expressed, your response has no relevance to the proposition that i made.

I am not interesting in arguing with the absence of facts, as you are.

Goodluck !

To get back on the topic what do you do when correcting technique errors? As a example Charlie says concentrating on moving your hand at the start begins the process of a good start, so does this mean you use a forebrain activity to start a hindbrain activity? The lifting of the hand starting a chainrection of automatic responses.

Is this possibly overcomplicating things. not to be sarcastic but I live by the K.I.S.S theory of living.


Let’s do this right…I have no beef with anyone and yes orrwullie I will get jiggy with it later. I think you have intitiation of a race vs general sprinting. Agree with me or not, you wan the shift to go that way if you want to be fast.