Hills and flying 20s

Havent got the gpp dvd yet, still travelling and skint. Anyway, I feel hills could be used for accel ie. 30-40m and also flying 20s aslong as the gradient is 10 or less. Any comments?

In GPP, I believe hills for acc work are a mainstay. On hill days, I typically do 4x5x40 on a shallow grade. I don’t see any problem with the flying 20s. I do some of that but on a flat stretch of grass. On days when I do those, I also do some 3-pt starts over 10m, along with some hurdle hops at the end of the workout.

Hills can range from 20-40 m, yes, with flyings coming later on though; but do you mean downhill flyings, or was the gradient referring to the hills only? :confused:

Flying 20s up a 5% gradient. Since flying 20s are still in part accel I feel this wouod be beneficial

Just curious how can you eyeball hill grade? I believe a 5% grade is a rasie of 5 feet every 100 feet. Is there pics or diagrams to show what different grades look like?

Well I know what a 45% gradient looks like and therefore approx a 15% gradient so I know approx a 5% haha

Well just above horizontal then

And in part top speed, I guess…

running hills with less then 10° is one of the best programms you can do for speed endurance,strength and techniquel feeling!