i go to follow 7 week of GPP (the same in GPP dvd).
i can do 20 m hill in my home, but to perform 30 and 40 m hill i must move,and it is not possible 3/week but only 2. can i use in the day i must perform 30 m and 40 m hill, the 20 m hill (for example 3x3x40 became 3x3x (2x20)?
or i can wear wighted jacket? have anyone same advice¿

I cant see why you could not. For example, I use a wieghted vest on a set of statdium steps 9m long and just do a 50 reps. The total volume for my workout is 450m worth of stadim steps with a 20 pound vest.

Think total volume at the end of the work out. Not the distance per rep.

thanks a lot!
i don’t know very well the world of training. so i ask :stuck_out_tongue:

The 20m hill should be fine but I don’t know about the weighted jacket…

for example:
3x6x40 became 3x6x(2x20)?

and i can reduce rest time?
i think the session is to long (more then 1 hour only for hill) for a person with few time to train