Hill Workout During GPP

This is our 2nd week of Spring Track, tommorow will be our first hill workout. Over at the school I coach at we have a 30 meter hill that is not that steep. My question is how many reps should be done and how much rest in beteween reps?? I was thinking 9 hills with walk down recovery and then 45 sec rest with the hills being done all out. Any suggestions?

What I have done is plan out a total volume beforehand (i.e., first week-300m, second week-600m etc.), and use that as a template. Then if the hill is about 30m, split it up into 2 X 5 X 30m with jog down the hill recovery, and about 10 minutes between sets. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info.

What Krusty has listed is speed end/int tempo which would be fine. However I would suggest to walk down the hill rather than jog.

We do two seperate hill workouts one for short sprinters of 8X10-20 seconds walk back recovery. and Then for long sprinters 8X25-35 seconds with jog back recovery, 2 minute jog halfway. As the season goes on you can increase reps and intensity. Starting intensity is probably 75-80%.

Be careful of tripping when jogging back down the hill :slight_smile:

i know this is an old thread - but i am interested in ws 100’s IT workout on the hill. could it be a substitute for kitkat’s 6x200 (softer surface for my shin splint prone athletes)?

Are we doing hills here to maintain/improve on acceleration power or more for anaerobic endurance/recovery?