High School Standards

Anyone know if such a list of 100m standard sprint times exist? What is a good sprint time for a freshman? I am one and I would like to beat 10.4 my senior year. Last three weeks ago I had my first time trials (without blocks) and got 12.4. Is it realistic to say I will beat 10.4 by senior year? :smiley:

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Wu Gong Heng

The standards is a good question, regardless of the variance. I, unfortantly, don’t have the answer. I high school coach could probably give you an answer.

There are way too many variables that go along with what you’re asking. How long have you been training for the 100m before the 12.4? 12.4 isn’t that bad at all for a frosh, but to give you an idea… Here is the top 10 list for the 2005 Outdoors Top 10 US Juniors List (most of these guys were in HS when they ran these times):

(Taken from http://dyestat.com/3rank/5out/junior/aug7.htm)
10.08 [0.7] J-MEE SAMUELS ARKANSAS 5.20.87 24Jul05
10.38 [2.0] -Jamere Holland, Taft, Woodland Hills, CA 3.6.88 19May05
10.41A JEREMY DODSON 8.20.87 14May05
10.43 [1.5] -Rodney Glass, Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks, CA 3Jun05
10.47 [1.9] -Charles Clark, Bayside, Virginia Beach, VA 8.10.87 24Jul05
10.48 [1.6] -Devin Mays, Lincoln, Stockton, CA 6.26.88 20Apr05
10.50 [-0.4] JACOBY FORD 7.27.87 Apr05
10.52 [0.7] -Paul Chaney, University, St. Louis, MO 87 29May05
10.53 [2.0] TORRIC DAVIS 10.3.87 7May05
10.55 [1.8] -Trey Harts, Barbe, Lake Charles, LA 10.17.87 May05

These are all VERY talented sprinters. Not saying it can’t be done, but 10.4 is a far goal to take right now from a 12.4. Take it in smaller steps… Sub-12, then go for say 11.7, then 11.5… Just keep making steady improvements, be smart, and stay motivated/focused. The times will speak for themselves.

I’m not sure what you’d qualify as a standard but based on Ontario as a freshman running sub 12 would put you at least top 15 in the province.

10.4 is a very lofty goal but it’s attainable, take Cortese’s advice and take it in stride, have a goal for every meet, every year and as you improve lower your goal. Running 10.4 would put you near the top in countries like the US, Canada and England.

*Using blocks can definately improve your time if you use them correctly in your race. But if when you use blocks you stand up and just run out of them there is virtually no benefit.

in all honesty 12.4 isn’t great but it’s not bad at all, i’d call it push and call it fine.

I can’t really give you a list of standards but I can tell you the 4A qualifying standards for the 100, 200 and 400 for my state:
Seriously the slowest you could expect to win the 100m state championship for north carolina is 10.7FAT.

For this year i think busting 12 should be your goal for now and then after that getting as close as you can to 11.5.

I ran my first 200m ever my sophomore year in a blazing 27.1h. That was my first track race ever. My latest race was this past Friday where I ran 11.1h in near freezing-weather (36-37F). It’s not 10.4, but I think it shows you can accomplish a lot, especially if you hit a growth spurt (I did not during this time period, only wish) and work your ass off. I haven’t been training intelligently since my frosh year either and have had plenty of injuries since then, so who knows what you can do.

In the past 7 months I’ve taken .9 seconds off my time from 11.9 to 11.0 set last week, since I’ve learned about Charlie and his methodics. Train hard and smart. Breaking 12 seconds could be a realistic goal for this season.

Thanks guys…

I’m gonna try to beat 12.4 tomorrow in the meet. I’ll keep you posted =D


12.68 LOL!!! It got worse, or maybe the first one was inaccurate…I ran with the varsity cuz we only have like 4 boys that sprint out of the whole team… 7th out of 8th lol. Humbling one… Great experience. Great first track meet. Biggest Blackest Boys I’ve ever seen…

Ok my goal this year is to sprint less than 12 by September, and Increase my Squat poundage by…XX amount (I haven;t done a rep max test yet, but I’ve done a smith-machine estimated RM…Of course smith-machine sux.)

sub 12 as a HS freshman is not top 15 in Ontario unless you are a girl. No offence.

Stay off the Smith Machine, it will do more harm than good. Do lunges if you don’t have access to a real squat rack, but at your age I would focus more on track work than weights.

Granted there was a headwind but I count 8 guys who ran sub 12 at OFSAA this year who were freshman. The year before again there were 8 freshmen who ran sub 12. And in the past 2 years there is a grand total of one girl who has run sub 12 at OFSAA.

Of course there are some guys who will hit sub 12 in better conditions or later in the summer but I’d say at that age sub 12 puts you in high enough company.

I’m guessing you think I mean top 15 in Ontario of all ages which obviously is over a second faster than sub 12 to get in there.

My mistake you are right, I forgot how big of a difference there is between the winners and the 8th place finishers. If you have access to the 1994 ofssa results you’ll see some really fast finals, across the board, maybe it was the wind that day. I guess they don’t make em like they used to :wink:

Hey guys,
last week, I just realized that the times were inaccurate. The top guy who I ran against, who usually runs 10.8 (11.0 in a bad day) ran a 11.3, according to the time. Plus the 400m times are screwed up. It would’ve seemed my friend beat the high school’s record there. Eh… next track meet this wed.

I’m still doing squats, deadlifts, lunges, leg curls (no GHR in my school), and other exercises though