high school ball and training

hey you know about how you gotta go high intensity one day then low the next, well i got a bit of a problem, im doing that routine, but i have high school practices everyday and we run drills and plays and stuff and its always high intense, and at the end we have conditioning which is going up hills and doing defensive slides, running suicides and stuff. so what should i do? i cant give up high school ball just for training, i gotta practice.

Suggestions please?

drop other stuff, except for weight training. and lift either before or after practice, every other day.

so no practicing more afterwards?

but i wanna get better and i cant get maximized results in getting better by just weight training

sure you can, you can practice more if you want. drop sprints though and i think you would be surprised in how much getting stronger will help your game.

alright cool thanks

If you’re still sprinting drop them. If you’re still not recovering like you should, Weights only twice per week. Improving your skills is your priority, then you can start adding extras.