high hamstring pull

i have a slight high hamstring pull. i dont know if it is a strain or if it is just a tweak in my hmstring but it has reucurred for the past week on and off and i want to be rid of it because i am afraid of going over 50m with it.

this is my first leg injury so i really dont know what it is. It feels really tight at the base of the buttocks. i have been massaging it and icing, contrast showers, etc. its not really working so far… i cant even feel it at all when i get up, sit down, or walk around.

could this be an overstriding issue?


When I have had hamstring strains, the strain occurred at approx 25-30m. At this distance I was beginning to extend and yet not fully upright. Therefore my hamstrings where more prone to stretching in the swing phase when contraction was also apparent. Hamstrings are more prone to tears at the end of the swing eccentric phase anway, and if under stretch at the end of this phase, they are under more risk. Overstriding at 50m may have the same effect.

possibly you are plantar flexing your foot upon ground contact causing you foot to land past your center of mass, thus placing too much strain on your hammy.

Good call magico! I think plantar flexing the foot so that it lands in front of you centre of mass may also cause you to claw the ground in front of you, thus pulling the ground back with the hammy and glutes. Could be dangerous. Any thoughts charlie??

what does this mean?

is it landing heel first?
or is it fully extending the leg in front of me?


Plantar flexing = when the foot moves away from the shin
Dorsi flexion = when the foot is pulled nearer the shin

Rochinha, what is ecography?

make ecography, this will take out any doubts…

How is tight are the hip flexors?

Originally posted by no23
How is tight are the hip flexors?

beats me

the hamstring pull is gone now boys but thanks for the help.

i’ve had this problem for over a month now… i do taekwondo and i pulled it by kicking too high too hard when i was cold.
any suggestions on how to get this darn thing healed??

echography is assumedly a high resolution ultra-sound picture.

This is the only thread that came up on a high ham strain. I’ve been seeing a rash of this with some athletes during and after block work. Is this a sign of weakness in the hams? Or could this be just a case of trying to hard coming out of the blocks? I googled this and found some ok stuff but was not satisfied with the info out there…

Anyone come across this?



Our GPP was pretty decent mostly hills and isorobic/sled work on the grass. We did tons of core but not too much in the wieght room (we are doing wights now)

It could be a combination of the things you mentioned, especially since you just started in the weight room. A while back, I had the exact same problem with my upper hamstrings. It occured when I started back lifting weights after a long layoff. I began with too much weight, too quickly and it set me back for over a month. Unfortunately, rest is the only thing that seemed to work.