Hi/Lo manual

Do any of you guys have the hi/low manual if so how is it? I’m looking to buy some new books and its on my list.

It is good, but nothing groundbreaking. I have full respect toward James Smith but I think the manual is little overpriced. How much is it now?
James basically discuss training philosophy of Charlie Francis (hard/easy or HI/LO) and Westside (ME/SE/DE/RE, Upper/Lower split) on the first 18 pages, and till the end of the book (64 pages) he lays down different templates of week (and longer than week) plannning utlizing high/low and upper/lower (DE/ME/SE/RE) split. He aslo include speed and tempo recomendations.
Nice read and nice system. I come back sometimes to this manual to sort the things in my head. I would suggest getting it, but the choice is yours :slight_smile: