Hey Charlie and other Experts I need help

Hey I’am a 15 years old, 6’0, very long limbs and very skinny( I have like a Randy Moss build). I’am quick but not that fast(I can like move limbs quickly). My dad tells me that the only reason I’m not fast is because I do not have enough strength to apply to ground and I that I have weak arms for arm movement.
He says this is what I should do -
start with pushups 2x25,situps 2x25 and crunches 2x30 exery other day for about 1 month to build base strength or somethin like that and then he says I should go on to lunges with weights in hands 2x10 and then stair steps with weights in hands 2x10 everyother day, calf raises 2x10, and benchpress 2x5 every other day, will this work?

Go look in the fundamentals section, my man. More than enough information out there to gather some of the basics.