Hey All!! Please Help!

Hey… my current 100m time is 10.9, im 15 years old and im wondering is there any tips on how to get faster? like what workouts should i be doing (of course not to damage my muscles since they havent fully developed yet) or how to run properly etc… ive never had any sprint training, also what should i be eating? and what excersizes could i do at the gym?

i`m hoping to hit about 10.5 this year


We need more specifics like how tall are you, how much do you weigh, what other events do you run, etc

5 foot 11… weigh 150 pounds or somethin, i have quite a ripped body really…lol i also do football (soccer)… thas it

i train twice a week for soccer, go to the gym once a week and have a soccer match on a sunday, i also do rugby training, got quite strong legs

anybody help?

Start searching and browsing the forum. In the online store, CFTS and the GPP dvd are good. After that, if you have more specific questions, people can help you more.