Here is my training plan leading up to the meet on June 14th...XLR8?

Please have a look and let me know what you think.

This meet is going to be considered a part of training, not going for a PB just hoping to run well and injury free.

Thanks for your opinions and suggestions…:clap:


Overall, I think it looks like a very sound plan. You volumes are manageable, you are getting in your speed work, lifting and tempo. Plus you are using your last speed day before the meet as a bit of a taper. Solid planning!

I’m assuming that the ‘effort’ column is for your weightlifting numbers and not your speed work?

Also, it looks like you are in the middle of a max strength cycle (3-1-3). This is not necessarily conducive to top performances, but since you said that this is a ‘training meet’ it’s probably ok.

One thing to be aware of: even though you may not run much overall volume at the meet (a heat or two and then the finals), this will be at a much higher intensity than even your 100% effort in training. Adrenaline and competition does that to you! Make sure that you leave yourself enough recovery time the following week and don’t be afraid to take it easy if you need to.

Excellent thanks for the advice!

The percentages are for weights and the 3-1-3 system.

Also I found out what was murdering my quads after speed! Jump squats!

I didnt do any yesterday and my legs feel great today.

The main goal for me training wise is to peak for indoors this Jan.

Thanks for the advice to rest after the meet too!


Yes, speaking of jump squats, I’m not a big fan for sprinters. It’s not that I don’t think they are applicable for building power, it’s just that they are overkill. You are already getting plenty of power development on the track. I tend to like to use the weight room for limit strength development, so focus on squats, bench, etc. Using this argument, you can even drop the olympic lifts if necessary. Priorities…

I think you are right about that. I am going to look at incorporating a small amount of plyos into my speed sessions at the end of the sprinting portion of the workout before heading to the gym on Speed1 days.

On Speed2 I’ll keep powersnatch in place and not do any plyos that day during speed. This should give me a nice balance.

Thanks again,

Great Presentation of Program Chris!

What recovery modalities do you have in place? Cold/ Hot Baths, Contrasts, Sauna, Massage?


As for recovery:

I try to get one contrast shower in a day.

On speed days I perform a lot of dynamic stretching,

Tempo days more static stretching.

After speed workouts before bed I take aspirin as well.

I do not have access to a massage therapist or EMS so that affects my workload. (besides my workweek of 60 hours hehehe)

That is why my volume is relatively low. (I am also approaching 30 and do not recover as fast as I used to)

I am going to tackle my diet next. I need to supplement my protein intake and time my carbs better. I am also going to look at Creatine as well (load up starting 10 days before a major meet)

The goal is to maintain my muscle mass while losing fat. Goal is 190 pounds at around 6-8% BF stay injury free and run sub 11.40 consistently FAT.

Thanks again I spent quite a while trying to organize the format to make it meaningful!

I am getting about .7-.8 grams a day but I want to get that around 1 gram a day and cut out some of the fat I am getting. (I’ll still keep in lots of good complex carbs for energy. )


I have found protein powder suplementation has a dramatic effect! It is important unless you like eating ridiculous amounts of meat/eggs/milk etc., and hasn’t got any fat which helps your diet overall. How much protein are you getting a day now?

Originally posted by chris30
I am getting about .7-.8 grams a day

Yeah, then I’d definitely say you need to up your protein intake.:wink:

I meant .7-.8 grams per pound of BW per day :slight_smile: