Henry's Training for 100-200

Wednesday Session
Total 560m
thought I would struggle in the 200 because I hadn’t done any running past 150 for a while but to my pleasent surprise I was strong to it running right through. I don’t know how fast it was But coach will start to clock my sessions from now on.
Anyway I’m very plaesed with my training and don’t plan to run until mid january.


Monday’s Sesion
3x60 Flying
2x80 Flying

I finally opened up on Monday. I let my shoulders go and kept working through my flying stuff. The penny just dropped, coach had been saying I looked like I had been running within myself. I put another 5 metres on my training partner. Very Happy. Got to do it again Wednesday.

The last time i posted it was week 6 of my 12 week program. I have just completed week 10 and feel very confident in the fact that i’m a better athlete for it i’ve run some 21 flat 200s and a few 15.3 150s at training, so I’ve put a few metres on the Henry of last season.
My first meet is tomorrow I’ll run a 100 and a 200 just to see where i’m at I can feel a PBs in me. Just have to run with desire and confidence. :cool: .

Hey everyone. Long time no post. I made up for my long absence by attending the charlie seminar in Sydney which was great.
But here i am again in season and travelling quite well, I’ll strat from the begining.

This was the yearly plan
GPP:12 weeks
SPP:12 weeks
Precomp:9 weeks
comp:6 weeks(3rd of feb to 11th of march)

All has gone well and I’m just into my comp phase now. I competed in a 100m race in december clocking 10.82.
My next comp was the Under 23 state comp where i competed in the 200m where i clock my slowest time in a while winning my heat in 22.06 and the final in 21.97. :eek: It was poor conditions but come on…

Next major race took place on the 27th of january at the Canberra Telstra A Series it like our Grand Prix series i guess I ran 10.69 for the 100m. I had a poor start and then ran the oh shit i had a shit start race, you all know the one. So I returned to training a beat myself up for the next few sessions and prepared for Open State Chapionships on the 3rd-4th of Feb

Well The state chapionships came and I had the 100m on the Saturday felt perfect in my warm-up and ran a good heat run winning in 10.62. Final I ran 10.63 and just thought too much thoughout the race anyway i was happy with third.
Sunday came and brought the 200m with it. We all like a lazy sunday well i took it a bit to literally and left it a bit fine getting to the track missing the check-in :mad:. With nobody to blame but myself I just went to sit in the stands and curse at myself. 25 mins before the heat time there is a call over the PA calling me to Admin. I’m in so I run to the warm-up track to runthroughs in flats some light stretches one drill then a run through in spikes and i was ready :cool: yeah right… Back over to the track and i’m in the first heat who are setting up there blocks. you get the idea.
I ran 21.59 in the heat winning the heat and 21.15 to win the final and my first Open state title.

So very happy :smiley:

I’ll post some more training info up later. Some of my programs in detail

Good job at your latest meet! I am interested to see your training programs in detail.

Damn man… Haulin. Keep it up!!

I’m not sure of just how much detail I may provide you see, I’m only now realising the use of a training diary. :rolleyes:

But here we go. I’ll start from the begining.

12weekGPP: Weeks 1-4, hills were run mon,wed,fri. Week 5 had 2 hill sessions and on espeed on the wed. Week 6 one hill on the wed with speed on the mon and fri. 7-12 all hills are now speed with hills moving to the sat and having a greater SE aspect.
1 10x10, 10x20, 10x30
2 3x6x40
3 4x5x40
4 4x4x40
5 4x4x40
6 4x4x40
7 6x80
8 6x90
9 6x100
10 6x110
11 6x120
12 6x120

ok so that was how my hill progressed. It’s late here so I’ll leave it at that and put speed and the weights up later. cheers

I raced on the weekend at a local interclub meet in the 100 and 200 they where 45 mins apart and i was having one of those day where I was lathargic and tired :frowning:
Results 100 = 10.66
200 = 21.08

I’ve not run many full bends throughout my training this year and was finding when i got to comp from about 40 to 80 the second half of the bend i was mis timing and working against myself. At first I put it down to not running many bends, but after the run on the weekend I sat down with coach and we decided mondays session would be 2x110 2x150 starting at the 200 mark to work on that area.
So long story short I was getting too much rotation and not enough turnover, so I closed the angle in my arms to get more turnover after the start and then open as i come into the straight. I guess we’ll see how it goes down this weekend.

Been slack with the posting so I took away dessert tonight :wink:

This weeks sesions
Monday- Long speed
2x2x150 1.5 min between reps 20mins betwen sets
They where not max I ran 15.4-15.6

Wednesday Alactic

All felt perfect. ran 8.38 for the last 80

Friday off

I get alot of running through work so I get my tempo done through those means and no weights. I haven’t done weights for about 3 months :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that new this season? Reason?

Right, well training continues along well I have finished 12 weeks of GPP which followed much of the Training ideas and methods found in Charlie’s DVD. The only thing I added on a saturday was a 200m session in which I started at 14x200 run @ the number of 200s plus 20sec, dropping one till I reached 3 in week 12. Recovery started at 3.5min and dropped 30sec every 3weeks which I eventually found out was way too ambitious :o
I was forced to change the last 4 sessions of the 200’s W9=6x200@26sec W10=6x200@26sec W11=5x200@25sec W12=5x200@25sec. All with 2.5min, I vomited after every 5x session.


Right well GPP went fine now I’m into 8weeks of SPP and have just completed the first block of 4 weeks. Weekly sessions include Alactic on Monday all under 8 seconds. Wednesday is slpit endurance runs. Friday is the damn 200s. Weights on tuesday(power) thursday(power) and saturday(strength). Most sessions allow 24hours recovery.

Just an example of first week


Split Jerk 2x5 60kgs
Snatch 3x5 50kgs
Bench 3x5 80kgs
Bicep curls
Core Ball

2x4x60 with 15sec recovery and 10min between sets

Snatch Squat 3x5 60kgs
Power Cleans 3x5 80kgs
Pull Backs DB 3x5 28kgs
Med Ball
Back Machine

5x200@25 with 2min had to change to 2.5 after the first two.

Romainians 2x5 80kgs
Deadlifts 3x5 120kgs
Bench 3x5 80kges
Back Machine


I have the opportunity to attend Seton Hall University in New Jersey next year. I have a few thoughts going round in my head even though I think I will go.

I think it will expose me to a greater level of competition and create better opportunities for my athletics. I can’t wait for my first indoor season we don’t have much need for an indoor track in Aus. Set me up with an education I’m still not sure what I’ll study though.

On the other side is I’m happy with my current coaching situation I have a great coach with a great technical eye and very confident in working with him. I would like him to still be a major contributer to programming while i’m in the US and I should be able to post video for him to view. I think I’ll have to talk to the coaching staff at the uni.

I’m currently a part-time Athletic coach and work woth athletes from a range of sport for speed and Agility. the company i work for which is owned by my coach works with teams and individuals from the NRL, ARU. Based on the success of one of those teams we have multiple job opportunities which I will walk away from when I go.
I have also this year picked up some support from a couple of companies and if I run well am in a position to receive greater benefits from them.

Do you see my dilemma??

Don’t know what type of coaching you’ll get at Seton Hall. From what I remember they haven’t had much sprint success in recent years.

An opportunity to attend University at someones elses expense doesn’t come around every day! An education is worth it!

Who is your current coach?


flying 10m rolling

Feeling really strong over the ground. But did get a small niggle in my hammy after one of the 70s though.

Yep mortac that is a concern for me. I’d come in as their best sprinter :confused:
I’ll have to talk to them about training cause I have my own thoughts and they work for me and my athletes so we’ll see.

Thanks Kent yeah I know it is a great opportunity and experience I just wanted some thoughts from others. I want as many opinions as I can get.

My current Coach is Clayton Kearney.


Seton Hall is actually a 20 min. drive from me. We compete there a few times during the year although I often choose other meets to run at myself.

Pro’s. They are D1 which means scholarship. They have their own indoor facilty which is mondo. Although they do not have any great sprinters they have had a few in the past including Obra Hoggans (200/400) and Danny Johnson (100/200). Their head coach (Moon) seems to have some good credentials (even personal achievement) if you look at his profile.
Also Seton Hall is only approx. 45-1 hr. from the NYC armory and you will get plenty of oppurtunites to run there.

Cons. Although they have an indoor facilty that is in fact mondo it is not banked…5 lanes…tight as helll… very slow. You will be running in a few meets there which will be a waste of competitions in my opinion unless you are just planning to run the 60. Also their home meets tend to be on Sundays which sucks as well (also cut into some peoples party time…(Sat night). The school is located in a bad area of NJ.

Hope this helped.

On another note…come to Stevens Institute of Technology. We’d love to have you. Not sure what we can offer you since we are DIII. But you would be coached by myself have 2 training partners. (Me and my training partner and perhaps 2 others since the team has very few sprinters), an indoor facilty 3 miles away to train at, a weight room at the school equipped with platforms, powerracks, and every type of bar, band, chain, imaginable, NYC Armory 30 mins away. NYC a 10 mins train ride away.:smiley: