Henry's Training for 100-200

This is my Training journal.
I began running for my school at age 13 and have competed at national school level since then in the 100 and 200m mainly while only training twice a week. At 14 began training with my current coach. Reach all the PB’s below training 2 maybe 3 times a week.
So I completed my final year of school and focused on my ath’s starting a fulltime training program in about october of 2004, I will post this up and what I’m doing now. Hope to get some good feedback feel free to pick my training apart because I haven’t competed in a major comp since march 2004. So I’m going to have a big season.

Some Achievements
Current Member of the Australian national junior development squad.
NSW 200m state champion two years running (u17-u18)

Coach: Clayton Kearney http://www.athletics.org.au/history/athletes/athlete763.htm

My stats:

Height: 186cm/6ft1in
Weight: 80kg
Age: 18

100: 10.96e & 10.56h
200: 21.60e
300: 34.8
400: 49.16 (don’t train for these)

Targets for 2005-06 season
Make the Commonwealth games Team
100: 10.40
200: 20.50
400: 45-46

Your goals for 2005 are not realistic. Those are some huge jumps. Why not take 2 tenths off this year and 2 more next year (in the 100m)? I could be wrong, but you are just setting yourself up to run tense and tight and under a lot of stress.


5-8mins between sets
Morning: Track
200 x 5 at 28 2 min rest
Afternoon: weights P1 - all 12-15reps 3-4 sets
Pull backs
Boxing 5 x 1.5min

Morn: Track
300x2, 5min, 300x2, 5min, 300x2 at 40s, jog backs
arvo: Core/Drills


Track 150x2x2 at 17s, 1m jog back, 5min between sets
weights P2:
Shoulder Routine
Glut Drives
Dumbell Bench

Track - Tyres 80x10
Weights P3
Circuit-superset (4sets to max)
Push ups
Step ups
Sit ups
stiff leg drives
Pull backs
Hammy curls eccentric
Speedball 5x1.5 mins


Drills & Plys (not much plys)
Speed Strength


track: 200x5 at 26s 2min recov
Weights P1 as per last week

track 300x3, 5-8min, 300x2, 5-8min, 300x2 at 40s jog backs



track 150x3x2 at 17s 1min jog back recov, 5min between sets
Weights P2

Hills 100x10 ( I was so pleased to find such a long hill to run up and down
Weights P3


speed strength 60x8


200x4x2 at 26s 2m recov, 5min between sets
weights P1

Tues(my beloved 300 day)
300x3, 5-8min, 300x3, 5-8min, 300x2 at 40s jog backs
Core/drills (with younger squad)


150x3x3 at 17, 1min jog back 5-8min between
Weights P2

Friday 8
Tyres 80x12


Speed Stength


200x5x2 at 26s 2min recov, 5-8 between sets
Weights P1

300x3, 5-8m, 300x3, 5-8m, 300x3 at 40s jog backs


150x3x2 at 17s 1m jog back 5-8 between sets
Weights P2
Drills and Speed strength

Hills 120x10
Weights P3


Drills/ plys
Speed strength 80x8

I can see what your saying especially in relation to the 100 Herb, however the my 200 PB has been bothering me for a while. You see I ran that 21.60 at nationals march 2004 the same year I had started beach sprints which gave me great acceleration and turnover while shortening my stride and also causing some tendonitis in the hammy attachment behind the knee. ( It was a fun year) I nursed my self through the beach season and ran with the injury at this national meet.
In the 200 final I had a screamer of a start and lead the field of the bend by a few metres got hunted down and the winner ran a 20.79. That would have been fine however up untill I had started beach I was a strong finisher and my top speed running was always my strength. So this year I plan to run less beach and see how my new training all pans out.

I haven’t posted for a while so this may be a long thread, ok. The program outlined above was my first sort of full time training. Here are the last two weeks

Mon:200x5 at 25




Fri-tyres 80x10

sat Rest

Drills Plys

08/11/04 same with volume steped down

So after that I had a week off and then started into a new program but had another brake over christmas and then didn’t start training until the second week off January (I love comming back after a big brake) ‘kicks himself’. So to ease my self in I ran a few beach sprints when I went back to track the beach sprints had tightened my quads and hip-flexors causeing anterior tilt of the hips which lengthened the hammys which caused them to be very unhappy at top speed. So I ended up with a strain in my hammy which stoped me running at top speed until about two weeks ago. It was good to run on the 10th, so I ran against orders on the 12th at the open state champs in the 100 to my surprise I made the final with 11.11 then ran the same time in the final. I was fairly happy it being the first run of my season and I hadn’t trained for weeks or run comp for months.

On the 19th I ran at a interclub meet at Homebush just a 100 and 200 both times were PB’s. For my second run of the season and only one week into a semi comp program I ran a 10.85 with a 0.5 tail to win. Then for the 200 I ran a 21.41 with a 1.1 tail this was one of the worst starts and bends of my life i came of the bend 3rd by 7-10 metres then finished strong which is my stregth to win. So now i know what sort of shape I’m in and that there is room for improvement.

At the moment my sessions look like this


Sun Recovery/Swim/warm-up-down

mon Bends at 75%

Am 300x2x2 Trying to negative split 17.5 then 16.5
Pm Weights Max Strength 90-100%

Wed100x2x2 Roll ins

Weights Max Speed

Fri Rest

we’ll see how it goes.

congrats the PBs!!


very good endurance considering ur speed. i think if u work more on ur speed ex drop in to the low 10.7s range and work on its endurance u can easily drop ur 200 to the low 21.1s. so good luck with that. if u dont mind me asking, wat is your best 150m? cheers again and gluck

good job …best of luck to you.

Guys is this how you would set up a long to short program???

im not really sure about long to short but ive noticed that Henry relies a lot on Intensive tempo kind of work.

200x5x2 at 26s 2min recov, 5-8 between sets
Weights P1

150x3x2 at 17s 1m jog back 5-8 between sets
Weights P2

its obviously working for him though so i say keep up the work man and all the best.

Had a couple of runs on Friday night, which was good however I wasn’t told I was racing until after Training Thursday night.Thursday is speed weights, Starts and acceleration, so i ran with a bit of DOM and felt a bit heavier. So here are the results. I would have liked to run a 200 however they weren’t running any.

Boys 100 Metre Junior

Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Wind Points

1 Mitchell, Henry 18 Syp 11.11 NWI
2 Vanderent, Aaron 17 Bla 11.17 NWI
3 Zamudio, Brett 17 Cbt 11.41 NWI

Men 100 Metre OPEN

Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Wind

1 Devonish, Marlon Unattached 10.52 -1.7
2 Street Thompson, Kareem Unattached 10.65 -1.7
3 Shirvington, Matthew 26 Asw 10.74 -1.7
4 Noonan, Keiran 28 Sut 10.79 -1.7
5 Mitchell, Henry 18 Syp 11.07 -1.7
6 Ebrahim, Reza 32 Bla 11.18 -1.7
7 McMahon, Ashley 29 Utn 11.33 -1.7
8 Merlino, Justin 19 Syu 11.36 -1.7
9 Buchanan, Rodney 27 Sut 11.52 -1.7

Komy I couldn’t tell you my pb for the 150 exactly only that it’s mid to high 16’s. In the GP program outlined above the fastest I ran was a 16.7. My strength has always been top speed running for example in the race posted above the gap was made between 0-30 (mind you my starts are pretty shocking at the moment) after that I held and started to make some ground back. Even my coach said he was surprised they didn’t pull away.
This weekend I have State Beach Sprint titles, I’m still under 19’s however I will try my luck in the open. Thanks for the feedback.

Training today:

Ran 250x2x2 felt kind of flat the last couple of days, anyway I was concentrating on increasing stride frequency on the bend and coming off the bend. They were run at a solid pace coming into the bend and trying to finish harder again. Should have put a clock on them but didn’t.

Tuesday was 300s but we decided to bring them in abit I’m not concentrating on 400s just yet, my coach sees me as ultimately a 400 athlete even though i’m yet to step up to the distance.
This weeks sessions have been moved around for various reasons normally i would do weights after the 250s but i did that session the day before.
Just thought I’d post some weights I’m lifting to let you know were I’m at.

Power Cleans: 60kg
Front Squat 1/4’s 160kg
GHG 5kg
Bench: 90kg Push ups with clap Between sets
Bench pull 70
Shoulder press(dumbell) 24kg

All just 3x3 apart from Bench pulls and shoulder both 4 reps 3 sets and GHG is 5reps 3sets

Would love your feedback.

Henry, i think ur training looks very good and your showing some impressive times especially with the endurance runs, but i dont really see any pure speed workouts in your plan. so far ur a 100 and a 200m runner, but im not seeing any 30s, 60s, 80s or 120s that are run flat out with full recoveries for speed and speed endurance development. your training is reling primarily on intensive tempo which is good in the short run, but disasterous i the long run. do a search on the forums and youll find what charlie had to say about intensive tempo. he says that intermediate speeds are too fast t recover your CNS yet too slow to develop any speed component.

here’s a week’s sample of ur training:
Mon:200x5 at 25




Fri-tyres 80x10

sat Rest

Drills Plys

now from what i know from this forum is that u should alternate between high and low intensity days, and never two heavy stressing CNS days back to back. any speed work is performed at 95%+ intensities, any runs other than that are tempo runs performed at 75% intensity and usually preferred on grass to condition the leg and lower the pace. i dont think its definitely wise to change anything, but maybe this is what you should look into when you start in your GPP. anyways man, keep up the work and good luck. i see where your coach is going with the 400s later on form what i see from your practise times and recovery. but remember, speed is the key to any sprint event, endurance can always be added at any time and is a much easier component to develop. best of luck

Well my season has come to an end in the best possible way. lets start with the NSW state championships were I won the 100 and 200 both in personal best times. :smiley:
Men 100 Meter Dash Under 20

Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Wind

1 2755 Mitchell, Henry 19 SYP 10.78 1.7
2 1147 Vanderent, Aaron 18 BLA 10.83 1.7
3 4214 Bates, Nathan 18 HIL 11.27 1.7
4 2066 Southwell, Ben 18 WES 11.31 1.7
5 328 Marks, Robert 19 WES 11.43 1.7
6 2421 Sewell, Nathan 18 HIL 11.51 1.7
7 1422 Miller, Aaron 18 SUT 11.88 1.7
Men 200 Meter Dash Under 20

Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Wind

1 2755 Mitchell, Henry 19 SYP 21.43 0.2
2 982 Zamudio, Brett 18 CBT 21.61 0.2
3 1147 Vanderent, Aaron 18 BLA 21.62 0.2
4 813 Cowley, Jaryd 18 ILL 21.90 0.2
5 2066 Southwell, Ben 18 WES 23.22 0.2
6 2310 Martin, Craig 19 MIN 23.70 0.2
– 1612 Lynch, Matt 19 MIN DNF 0.2

From here I had a few weeks before I competed at u20/u23 Nationals. A week before the comp I had the best week of training of my life, my form was great things were starting to click in my head. Also as Linford Christie is out here for 3 months I jumped in a few of their sessions with Darren Campbell. So on the Thursday I jump in the car for the 10 hour drive from Sydney to Brisbane. Competed saturday in the 100 and was beaten by a New Zealander which meant I was Australian u20 100m Champion I had to share the #1 dias so i had a real hunger to make the 200 mine.

Men 100 Metre Sprint Under 20 Finals
(w: -3.8) 1, Matthew Brown, NZL, 10.82. 2, Henry Mitchell, NSW, 10.89. 3, Sam
Fogel, NZL, 11.08. 4, Aaron Vanderent, NSW, 11.18. 5, Brendan Watt, ACT,
11.19. 6, Andrew Storer, WA, 11.31. 7, Joshua Ross, VIC, 11.47. 8, Pasenadee
Rubasinghe, QLD, 11.55.

And I did…

Men 200 Metre Sprint Under 20 Finals
(w: -2.5) 1, Henry Mitchell, NSW, 21.63. 2, Matthew Brown, NZL, 21.75. 3, Joel
Milburn, NSWI, 22.00. 4, Aaron Vanderent, NSW, 22.06. 5, Tim Rooke, VIC,
22.17. 6, Sam Fogel, NZL, 22.38. --, Brett Zamudio, NSW, DQ.

My first individual national titles. I would have loved to see what i could have run with a slight tale wind but next season we will see. Thank Guys for your feedback and comments I’ll try to post more often. :slight_smile:

Congrats that is fantastic!

You should be very proud, that is a great accomplishment!


congrats henry, thats the best way ending up a season with new times, well on! have some time off the track, and come back hungry with more goals to achieve

In two weeks time I will start a new full-time program designed to give me a shot at commonwealth games. Dosen’t seem right not to, seeing as it’s in my home town. My break was extended due to commitments at Uni so I’m taking a break from Uni now and putting in the Hard yards.
now some stats on where I’m at

Feel very unfit however surprised myself last weekend when I ran a 65s 500 followed by a 36s 300 at a little winter series at the local track. The break between was however long it took them to run 7 100m races so not long.
Titles: u20 State and National 100 & 200
30m: 3.82
60m: 6.757
400:49.16 1st 200 24sec (haven’t run one for a year)

I have a long way to go but I don’t think it’s not possible I’ll post after each day of training and look forward to your feedback

Well so much for the above post I’ve only just defered Uni and haven’t trained at anywhere near the level I would have liked to. My coaches mother has been very ill and passed away yesterday. I’ve recently started to look at other training possibilities I think due to my frustration with my lack of training, I contacted the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). They are interested in taking me on which means I would move to Canberra and Train under the coaches of the AIS. I think it would be a great experience for me as an athlete and a person to be in a place surrounded with people who are all striving to be at the top of their sports and to experience a new style of coaching.
My coach who is also my boss, I coach through his company in schools and take squads at the local track has expanded his business based on having myself and another guy taking on more work. Also there is nothing I don’t like about how how I’m training.
I’m going down for testing this weekend and will probably be better imformed to make a decision.
Just wondered about some different points of view. Thanks

I’m on track! Just started the 5th week of a 12week precomp program. The prgram is a 3 high intensity and 3 low days. Yesterday I completed session 1 of week 5 and here it is
3x60 Flying
1x80 Flying
Total=500m (full recovery 7-20mins)
I’ve cut down to 2 weights sessions a week and I’m doing them on wednesday and friday after Track.
Today I’ve got tempo 1800-2000m