helpe with my crazy form

i’m new here and i need alot of help neway i have a problem
i’ve 15 in the 11th grade and i want to play football in college
this is my first year playing and i the second fastest person on the team my teammates say that i run like 'm too buff. they say my legs go fast but my upper body goes in slow motion. what do they mean. and how can i stop this.

welcome longwood and feel free to post.what do they mean indeed!!

your legs are moving fast and your UB seems to be moving in slow mo.hmmm…if your UB is moving like in slow mo usually your range would be quite good as the arms go back and forth and are easily seen.the leg action is slightly more complexed and there is more involved and greater knowledge must be needed to understand the mechanics.

could you post a video clip? once you are moving fast don’t worry and tryy to get a proper coach to take a look.

if you are running fast enough you will begin to see your mates trying to run like you!!!