Help with training program!!

Okay, i am a track athlete in washington state. I am new to the school this year so i’ve pretty much been training on my own. I lift weights about 4 times a week and run about 3. I will admitt that i am not that knowledgable as to what speed training i should do. I run the hundred and two hundred meter dash at 11.2 and 23.6. My endurance it terrible. When i run on the track i usually warm up for about 10 minutes and run some short sprints. Usually no longer than 200m.

Any help with a workout program or advise, or any drills you find that help, would be greatly appreciated.

I have really good starts (i’m almost always the first out and am usually leading for the first 40m or so) but when i stand up, i usually fall apart for some reason and people pass me. If this helps, i’m 5’9’’ 150 lbs, and i have pretty short legs.

Again, thanks again for ANY help and advice


Not to brush you off, but many on this site are collegiate coaches so handing out advice on training can be considered a bad idea from the NCAA. I would suggest that you download the Charlie Francis Training System off this website. It is an easy read and can give you the knowledge you seek. It is inexpensive and one of the best tools you can buy. Good luck and sorry I cant help out any more.

Hey thanks any ways, but i was just hoping that someone with some experience could help. If any other fellow athletes could fill me in on what you do, than i’m open to any suggestions.

I think my problem is my top end speed, like i said, i have really good start. But its when i come up, that people begin to pass me.

Kyle would be good to jump in on this one.


I will have a go, there are still plenty of people here who can help.

I would do 2 weights sessions (maybe 3) total body in sessions, if possible do these after hard track sessions.

How old are you at your height you seem abit light. But I wouldn’t make that your goal.

With track session. Do 2 speed sessions and 2-3 tempo sessions.

CFTS Book is a good place to start.

Get yourself a coach - this is very important, as you can’t watch yourself train.

Kyle - join in.

Kyle…you are a pimp. Thanks for the advice. I have another question, is tempo like endurance type training. like 400m or 600m? Thanks again man.

Oh yeah, i’m 17 years old. And i am pretty light for my age. I’m skinny but i’m pretty cut though. For my leg workouts i do:

Leg extensions
smith squats
Standind calf raise
Sitting calf raise on the leg press
leg press
leg curls

for upper body i do:
Sitting row
tricep press down
cable trunk twists
lat pull down
dumbbell bench press
dumbbell shoulder press
bicep curls

I think i’m ready to incorporate some more into my weight lifting program

are there any other work outs that you’d recomend?

Thanks a bunch!:smiley:

Tempo is like endurance, however 400 is probably maxiimum distance, usually 100 to 200m done at low intensity. Search for these in this forum or Version 1.

Weights seem very general and bodybuilding type work - I’m guessing rep are fairly high.

Good place to start are Bench Press, Seated Row/Bent Over Row, Deadlifts, Squats, Reverse Leg Press.

I would keep my reps in the range of 5 to 8.

Hope this helps-search this forum and T-mag for advice on performing these

if i keep my reps between 5 and 8, how many sets should i do? and why so low reps?

Also, i have some questions about starts. I have short legs but pretty big strides. I find myself popping up after my 7th step. Andwhen i do pop up, my strides tend to shorten up. Is there anything that can be done to prevent my strides from shortening up.

I’ve seen videos of mo greene and he doesn’t fully come up untill about half way through the race! Is that the way its supposed to be done?

Reps are kept at that range because your aim is to increase your strength without a big increase in hypertrophy.

Vary sets but I would keep them generally between 3 and 5.

As for starting, get some video taken and post - don’t ask me how I have no idea

Greene does what works for him, my understanding from listening to other people is he does it wrong

Hopefully others jump and help. I’m trying to keep as general as possible.

Another thing that mo does for weight lifting is, he does light weights but lots of reps, like 15 to 18. That doesn’t seem like it would build strength.

I will definately try and get some starts on here, somehow

Being only 17 I’d think you could do reps of up to 12 for a number of weeks at the beginning of the year. Being a 150lbs you can safely add some muscle without it slowing you down.

I’ m not afffiliated with any US college so I suppose it is safe for me to post. :smiley:

I would advise you to go back to the old forum and read as much as you can. Use search terms such as “Tempo” , “Acceleration” etc. Enter ‘Charlie’ as the username to refine your search.

A basic program might look like:
Day 1: Speed + Weights
Day 2: Tempo
Day 3: Rest
Day 4-6: Repeat
A third speed/ endurance day may be added.

Grouping Hi-Intensity elements together provides a synergist effect & allows optimal recovery.

As DMA has stated look to include more compound movements such as Bench Press, Seated Row/Bent Over Row, Deadlifts, Squats & Reverse Leg Press. A good background of general weights is important.

Post your exact program. You mention your endurance is poor - what endurance work are you doing?

i actually rarely do endurance work, maybe like once every… couple weeks. I know thats why my 200 isn’t that great (23.6). But when i do do endurance training, i usually do 400, 300, 200.

For speed training i do:
warm ups for about 10 minutes
3-point stance starts