Help with Speed Training

Currently, I am speed training 2 times a week, and tempo running 4 times a week, with one day of total rest (playing golf). My problem is the following:

I am running my speed workouts on the track in spikes, but it is killing my calves. They just can’t seem to handle the resistance – also, I’m 36 yrs old, maybe that has something to do with it. The tempo I’m running on grass as Charlie has suggested.

My question is: is it okay to run the speed workouts in flats? I obviously can’t hit as high a speed, and what type of workout loss does that amount to?

Thanks for the help.

Charlie, they are Asics hyper sprint shoes, I think the shoe is fine. I think it is probably a combination of my weight ( 6’2" - 215 lbs) and the fact that the track I run on is synthetic and tends to be hard. I believe the “hardness” of the track and my weight is probably causing the majority of the problems.

What are the sole-plates on your spikes like. Do they flex easily around the big toe joint? If they don’t it could put tremendous stress on your achilles and calves.

Maybe try to limit your spike wearing. How about just do the last 2-3 reps of your workout in spikes and maybe only once a week. work with that until you get used to ut, then a few more reps etc, you get the picture, best of luck!

your olylpic lifting twice a week is fine and so are 2 speed sessions. some peole even do 3 when in the general prep or pre comp phase of training. what exectly is the feeling you calves are getting? are they a sore? and do they just hurt while you are running in spikes during the workout? or do they hurt before and after and how long until they feel better?

I’ve been doing it for about 3 months, so my calves should have adopted to it by now. I’m just wondering if maybe 2 speed sessions is too much? Also, I lift twice a week, olympic lifting, in addition to the running – but it doesn’t look on paper that it would kill my central nervous system (CNS). I can’t figure it out.

how long have you been training like this for? the reason i am asking is becasue the first 2 weeks your cales might be sore because they are not used to the pounding becasue you dont walk around on the balls of your feet (as you do sprinting) nor do you put as much pressure on your calves while running in trainers. if that was the case you calves should adapt to it shortly. however if you start having shin problems or achilles problems that is when you need to be careful.