Help with program

I’ve ran track since 7th grade and I am now a sophomore in college. This year I’ve decided I am not going to run track but instead play football and join the powerlifting team. I can’t go out for the football team until the spring, so in the meanwhile I am going to work hard at powerlifting and start sprint training again (i haven’t sprinted since may or june). I was hoping I could receive some helpful input from members of this site. Here are my stats and PR’s. I question the timing of the 4.34 but I have ran multiple 4.4’s on different occasions. All lifts are raw.

110 hurdles- 14.60 FAT-12th grade
300 hurdles-39.52 FAT-12th grade
100 meter dash-11.61 (ran once)-10th grade
40 yard dash- 4.34? (freshman year of college)
60 meter dash-7.47 (i get a great start then get blasted)

Vertical Jump-34
Standing Long Jump-10"7

I’ll post my weekly powerlifting schedule in my next post.

PS- the deadlift and squat maxes are ‘conservative estimates’ of my max. on deadlift i nearly pulled 600, i got it off the floor, but opted not to grind it out because i did not want a back injury, and on squat i have repped 520 for 3 sets of 5.

Powerlifting practice is as follows.

3 days a week

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

All core lifts are 5x3 then accessory…accessories are usually 3x6 or 3x8

Tuesday-Squat day
Thursday-Bench day
Friday- Deadlift day

(I am adding an extra upper body day outside of scheduled powerlifting practice on Monday that consists of rack lockouts, pull-ups, skull crushers, depletion push ups, shoulder press, and shrugs.)

I was thinking of doing two short speed days a week since that is the kind of speed football requires. Any suggestions on how to schedule the speed or plyo workouts?

What sort of periodisation do you use for your lifts? Personally, I would do substantially more volume on the bench. (e.g. 6x3 twice a week). It’s difficult to improve your bench with only one weekly workout.

Are you planning to compete in powerlifting? If yes, what federation?

how long have you used that Tue/Thu/Fri workout plan? Has it worked in the past…or what did you previously do that got you up to the point you are at now?

My school competes in the IPF, and won Collegiate Nationals last year. And yes, I am planning on competing.
I am doing 3x10 rack lockouts on Monday as well as accessories, so I am getting 2 bench workouts a week. As far as periodization, I haven’t had the most organized planning. I have done a lot of different types of setups. Honestly I change it up a lot. What I would say probably helped me the most strength wise was following a setup I derived from the GPP dvd. I was doing 3 total body workouts a week. Bench and Squat on Monday/Friday. Deadlift and Incline on Wednesday. Core lifts were followed by accessory circuits. Core lifts were 3x6. Accessories were usually 3x8. In 12th grade I went from 225 for 3x6 on bench…within three months 285 for 3x6. Over the same period my squats went up from 315 for 3x6 to 430 for 3x6 at a BW of around 190-195.

I just joined the powerlifting team here two weeks ago, so I’ve only been doing that setup for like 2 weeks. My post above describes what I followed for like two years…btw this summer i did lower body monday/thursday, upper body tuesday/friday. That helped me a lot.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as how I should resume my sprint training after my layoff since May/June?

From your lifts your strength looks pretty good. Why are you trying to juggle both powerlifting and sprinting. Your stats suggest you could benefit a lot more from concentrating on your speed work (while still maintaining a lifting schedule of course)…

Basically I’m goin to try to do sprint training and powerlifting because I want to play runningback in the spring. I felt like powerlifting/sprinting would prepare me well to play runningback. I’m going to walk on the team in the spring…On a side not the weights we use in powerlifting practice are surprisingly more…moderate than my usual weight training.

Don’t neglect football work if you want to walk on! Not sure if you have any background in football, but make sure that you have basic football skills to go with your overall athleticism. Blocking and tackling for sure, but also ball skills and lateral movement skills as well as knowing how to take a hit and protect yourself in traffic.

I played for about seven years, but I wonder how easy it will be to pick it back up after a layoff of about 4 years. I’m planning on incorporating some agility work into my program.

As far as running how does this look?

Tuesday- sprints of 20, 40, 60, 80 yards occasional 100…plyos-bounds, calf jumps, frog jumps, depth jumps (100 total contacts)

Thursday-plyos, then 10xhills 40-60 meters

Friday- 10x100m w/ 1 minute rest

Saturday/Sunday- rest

As far as progressions I would have an acceleration limit that I moved out weekly for the Tuesday workout, the number of hills on Thursday would decrease weekly while the rest intervals would increase. The Friday workout’s rest would increase weekly.

Im not sure exactly how to structure the Tuesday speed work. Suggestions please. How does all this look?

No need for 100 yard sprints to be a staple in your training for football. Football is primarily alactic in nature and 100 yard sprints get well into lactic zone especially on Friday with 1 min rests. Build your short acceleration and progress from there with the majority of your work between 0 and 60.

the 100’s on friday were gonna be tempo. like around 14 sec per. bad idea? and as far as the short speed i was thinking some 10m practice starts then some 30’s or 40’s for week 1…?