Help with my mess of a schedule

Being a high school student, I can’t exactly pick meets as I see fit, so I basically have to work a training schedule around my meet schedule.

From today (2/12, Wednesday) until 3/28 (Friday) I want to do atleast one complete cycle that includes a recovery microcycle. I was planning on my first cycle being 3 weeks long, and the next being 4 weeks long. Any problem with that? Should I divide it differently? My first meet is a few days after my (planned) second recovery cycle. Should I change this so I have a cycle or two of normal training before a meet?

4/1 begins the hell of meets. What should I do prior to my first meet (4/1, Tuesday) in terms of practice? I don’t need to peak at all, but I do need any idea of what to do in terms of rest or special training. I do not have another meet until a week later, 4/8 (Tuesday). What should I do inbetween the two meets? The first meet I am going to run the 100, 200, and 400 (I am going to be on the 4x4, so I want to get a time first. Should I do this for my first meet of the season, or just do a time trial in practice?). My full event schedule will be 100, 200, 4x1 (Might be able to get out of it, doubtful though), and 4x4.

The week of 4/7, I have THREE meets.
4/7 : Practice/rest (not sure what to do)
4/8 : Meet
4/9 : Practice/rest (?)
4/10 : Meet
4/11 : Meet

That means I will have to do 6x100, 3x200, and 3x400 at 100% three time in one week. I might be able to get out of the 4/10 meet but I am not entirely sure. What type of rest (I’m assuming I would want to rest/recovery after all that CNS strain) would you guys suggest? Also have a meet the following Tuesday. So four meets over a 7 day period. sigh

Any help would be great.


why so many meets over 7 days?

Your guess is as good as mine… then again one workout our coach had us doing last year was:

400, 300, 200, 100, 100, 200, 300, 400 at full effort with not nearly enough rest.

That might give some clues as to why so many I guess.



That workout obviously isn’t going to be at full effort.

Nice workout though - NOT

Well of course I meant he wanted full effort. He got all pissed when you jogged it.


Post what you have been doing, age, how long you have been training.

As for what to do during that period of competition - rest when you can, probably best is very light tempo and stretch, massage etc…

Won’t be able to do any workload or you will break down.

I haven’t been doing any track work because it’s been 20 F for around a month now and I don’t have any indoor facilities to use. I have been semi-keeping in shape with volleyball.

I’m 16

I have been doing real track training for about 2 years now, but only found Charlie a year ago.