help with EMS, please!!!

hey everybody,

i cant find good infos in other threads…

i am injured regularly… :frowning:

I read CFTS and talked to many sprinter and they use EMS as a regeneration factor, but also as a provider for their strength training( EMS with different simulations…).

My question:

What product should i use and/ or at what quality issues should i look?

i saw at home that there is a dicription, but i cant see a price…

Or what do guys use?

It would be great, if anybody could give me an EMS-unit, that has optimal frequency and so on to activate white fibers first and so on.


I use compex ( but they are very expensive but work verywell.


Very inexpensive and works pretty well.

I agree, Compex makes great units. But I’d see how you enjoy severe shocking/pain (max strength EMS) first before you get a top-of-the-line unit.

Out of interest, do any of these units do the ‘Charlie Recommended’ 10 seconds on 50 seconds off?

Are there any units that do this? Or is it that most people use scaled down versions of this now, e.g. 3 secs on 15 off, maintaining ratios?

Cheers guys

by the way:
CFTS says you can use EMS for

  • for recovery/massage
  • Strength

For the treatments:

  1. How do i exactly use it for recovery? pulsing mode, but how exactly?
  2. Strength mode: 10x10"(=10 contraction à 1" ) with 50" rest / is this right?

yes. i also think it is very important.

My interest is primary:

For relaxation, i think, every unit is o.k. , but
what is the indicator for a good use as strength training(is it the frequency or what is it?) Where do i have to watch for?

First of all:
Sorry for all these bothering quesions, but i am from Germany and CFTS and Speed Trap an so on is a foreign language to me --> sometimes difficult to understand the whole stuff.
I would be very thankful, if Charlie or others who knows the stuff could short fill in my the infos for an EMS-untit, please

So as i “investigated” these should be the requirements fo max Strength training:

1)10x 10“max(tetanic contraction ?!) 50“ Pause

2)On Ramp time[sec] ¾ - 1 sec
3)Off ramp time[sec] ?
4)Pulse[Hz] 80-120Hz
5)Pulse Width ?
6)Intensität[mA] ?
7)Pulse Amplitude
8) Hope i got everything…

am i right, that the Intensity in mA is the initiator/indicator for maxiumum contraction(dependend on FT/ST-ratio)

i also heard that the ramp time should be short(0,2") for explosive power, but Charlie said he used 3/4 sec …


10s on is pretty hard to tollerate. Compex use a scaled down ratio with 3 seconds on and 30s off. See the review of a compex unit on the front of the site:

If you really wanted to prolong the agony simply press the intensity arrows (which change the level) for 10s because the units keep the pulse going so long as the buttons are being pressed. Similarly to increase recovery time just press the up or down arrows again for 50seconds. You could do this using a watch timer set at 10s intervals and work it out that way.

If you experiement everything is possible :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


what is the intensity in mA i need for max contrctions?
Normally the units have 80-100mA Current . Is this enough?

I use the NeuroTrac Sports XL EMS/TENS and love it. I don’t have the website handy, but you can google it an it will come up.

compex doesnt allow one to hold the contraction for 10sec? unless manipulating some buttons?

mortac/ that unit has a long ramp up time charlie said he likes a shorter one / less than a sec

I have a compex machine, yes they do not have CF’s recommended settings but read Derek Hanson’s insiteful and informative article about these machines. The work-to-rest ratio seems to be the most important factor to consider. Also the compex systems have been well researched. The artlcle can be found on the home page of this site click articles and you will find it.

I don’t think ramp time is going to matter a whole lot. I’m just saying to get an tester unit for $40 instead of spending many hundred dollars on equipment you might not use. It’s not very much fun…kinda like torture.