Help Russian Sprinter!

Hi. I’m from Russia. And my coach don’t look at me… He gives me a work to do and leave me… Because he trains that damn Shot Putters. I’m 17 years old. 100m -10.8; 200m - 22.5; 60m - 6.9; I want to run fast. But I don’t have a good coach. What should I do?

Find a proper sprint coach who will give you the time you need. Or devise a plan for yourself based on sound proven sprint training methods like the CF training system, or find another sprint athlete and train together, help each other out. You do not have time to try out unproven techniques or to mess around.

If you go it on your own you will need someone to watch you regularly to help with technique correction. You are better off finding a new coach and learning all you can from the CF website and others. Finding a coach who is open to new ideas is difficult but can be done.

Your so fast,why dont you look at the training journals…
look how fast guys train…do just like they do!

You are quite fast. Maybe you should continue doing what you are doing. Post your workouts on this site. Be sure to include how much rest you have in between your sprints. Your 200m should be faster if you are running 10.8 in the 100m, but then again at 17yrs, focusing on pure speed is still a good thing. The Special Endurance will come later…or sooner, but nevertheless, it is still to come.

The problem is I don’t have a good command of English language. After all, I’m from Russia.

20 years ago my coach was training about ten sprinters which had 10,1 - 10,4 sec. Then he understood that it’s impossible to make a really good sprinter in Russia. And after that he began to train the shot putters. He trains them till now. His pupils were on the Olympic Games in Athens. I and my partner are the only sprinters in our team. The most terrible that is my coach tell me the work to do and even don’t look how I’m running because he is busy with that damn shot putters. That is why I want to move in America. I want to run really fast and I know that in the Russia my best time will be no more than 10,40 FAT. Besides I like American culture and English language.

my weekly schedule looks something like this:
mon - light jog and stretch, drills, 2680m (85%)
tues - 4550m (85%) rest 2min and 5 between series, weightroom
wed - leg press (50kg) 5х84 times and rest 12 min.
thurs - rest
fri - 6150
sut - 4
5*50 m, weightroom

And every week is all the same… Please give me a exaple of normal sprinter training plan.

The biggest thing that jumps out at me is that your sprints are at 85%. When do you run full speed? Generally, you should do your speed training in the 95%+ range and then your tempo work at <75%.

Your english is better than our russian. Try posting a journal and we’ll try to keep up with you.

LOL thats true, I mean DA!