HELP PLEASE D1 football try out tomorrow

Well i met with the coaches yesterday and they just called me and told me to meet the team in the gym at 6 AM for a morning workout. But my hamstring tendonitis is pretty bad recently…Any last minute suggestions for the night???

Rub heatrub and Aspercreme Forte on (50/50 mix) and wrap loosely with plastic wrap and sleep in sweatpants. See if that helps. They want you there early so get up REALLY EARLY do an easy warm up three hours before and your own pre-comp warm-up BEFORE YOU GET TO THE TRY-OUT out of their site. If you wait till you get there, half the time they just order you to the start line after 5 min to see your 40y- that’s never good!

THANKS!! ill try it out…its gonna be rough wakin up so soon lol…and my college is in the middle of nowhere and the only cream they had was equate muscle rub so i bought that…it has methyl salicyate, menthol, and camphor…hope this works similar to aspercreme.

Yes, it should. Merthyl Salicylate is both a penetrant and an anti inflammatory agent.

so when i got to the workout i was told i couldnt work out yet because i have to get cleared. But fortunately i got to see what kind of stuff they do during these. IT consisted of tons of plyos and 20 yard sprints and agility drills…and that the hardest workers were the ones throwing up. No joke 5 players before the first hour was over…

anyway, i do have 2 questions?

Could the wrapping and applying the muscle rub be done over a specific time period rather than one night? for example could i do that for the next week before i can actually participate in their workouts?

Also, does taking ZMA with food diminish the effect. It says to take on an empty stomach but i usually try to eat something small a little before bed. Should i sacrifice one for the other??

The emptier your stomach the better the zma absorption imo.

It is better on an empty stomach, but if you must eat something, make sure to avoid anything with calcium. It interferes with the absorption of the other minerals in ZMA.

You can have a small snack then wait 30-45mins.

Now you know why I want you to warm-up out of their site. Anyway, your question about ZMA has been answered already but, Yes, you can wrap the muscles nightly for some time, though if you go too many nights in a row, you might get a skin irritation.