Help on improving 100M time

Greetings, I just discovered this forum today and I must say it was an information haven. So much information, been reading for hours now. Basically, I’ve always been naturally fast, but I became lazy and started to gain weight. I reached 210 lbs in April '09, and since then I’ve been eating healthier, and doing HIIT/weights. Track starts this april/may and I want to know how I can improve my 100M time. The last time I tested it was in June and I got 13.0s at 203lbs bw (23% bf~) In a few days I’ll retest my 100m time.

Current stats:
18 year old male
Personal best (at age 13): 12.7s
Most recent personal best: 13.0s (june)
Height: 177cm
Weight: 184lbs, 15-16%BF
Squat: 290lbs (slightly past parallel, stance slightly wider than shoulders)
Bench: 190lbs
Deadlift: 335lbs
S.L.J: 2.75m
Box Jump: 47"

I’m starting a recent strength program called 5/3/1 in 2 days. Basically, it is a 3x or 4x/week program which dedicates one day to military press, squat, deadlift, and bench, each to their own. I might use the 3x per week routine so I can add other things on other days such as extensive tempo training or some plyometrics. I understand that the weightlifting is a supplement for the track, and I plan on making use of it to build general weak muscle areas on my body. I don’t have access to a track atm but there’s a field nearby I can measure and run in. I’m looking to get about a 11.5 or so for 100M. I’m not exactly sure what to do… what to add… that will help me get faster. ANY help/suggestions would be appreciated.

P.S - I’d love to buy Charlie’s Vancouver 2004/GPP books but I have no cash to do so.

If you ran 12.7s at 13, then it was probably hand time, which means it’s more like 13.00 - which is pretty respectable at that age. I would say that the two biggest things right now you can do to get faster are to do some tempo and sprinting, and drop your bodyfat. 23% is way too high if you want to be quick.

the 12.7 was electric. the 13 was handtimed. in the current stats i’m about 15-16% :stuck_out_tongue: