Help needed to adjust gpp to my reality

Have watched the Gpp-essentials for a couple of time. Read the Forum review, The CTFS. And also watched the Vancouver 2004. And now I gonna try to set up a 7-8 week GPP.
But here’s my problem. I must adjust it to my reality wich is that I have not the possibility to do both running and gym on the same session. Living and working in the same town as the gym but must travel to another city for the running, med ball and plyos bit.
As it looks now I need to split things as follow:Gym mon/wed/fri(or sun), and the rest of things on tue/thu/sat. I know its not great with only three days of running but thats the reality I’m facing.
What sort of training should be put on each day? The gym part I think I can sort out myself so focuse on the other parts. And the specific program for every session I believe I can manage by myself. So it’s just a question of where to put which parts (tempo, hill and so on…)

Btw. I think I’ve read about a guy in a similar position that even had put down his journal for critique. But I can’t find that post again. If someone recalls it please give me a hint :wink:

mon: speed
tue: weights
wed: tempos
thur: speed
fri: weights
sat: tempo

Why would you have to go to another city to find grass?? If you can’t find a hill, perhaps pulling a tire on flat grass would work (try to duplicate the resistance/feel of a hill without exceeding it.)

I plan my training according to where I am during the week. A tire as Charlie said could work on a 20-40m strip of grass. Stairs could be an option too. Another option could be power speed (look at the video downloads for session info) for power speed all you need is a weight plate and a 10m meter strip of grass. Heck you can even go into the group exercise room of your gym and do weighted drills… I am a little strict on tempo I make sure I do tempo on grass and do the big circut (as often as I can.) but some guys do a really long med ball circut or even running A’s for tempo.

Finding grass or even a grass hill is not the problem.
The problem is that grass is not usually an option since the temprature have started to be below zero (celsius) at the time I leave work. Frost on grass is extremly slippery… So grass is an option on good days but impossible on bad days. Closing in on mid october it probably gonna be more bad than good days. So to have something in the journal that you can only get done some of the times feels kind of wrong cause every time you miss it you know that you haven’t carried out the schedule.
I’m doing a lot of overtime at work at the moment so it’s also a problem with the gym closing.
But I might shift things around to put my resting day somewhere else than sunday in the schedule and do some running on sundays. Cause on sundays I can do it mid days when it’s a lot better tempretature and no frosty grass.
Maybe I should make the schedule assuming I can run on the gymdays and just put in an alternative session to have on the cold days. Just so I don’t feel that I have done just a half session when the thermometer hates me.

Done my third week now :slight_smile:
Actually found a hill not far from the gym that work. Have used it for a couple of weeks now. I didn’t think of it earlier cause it means I will run on asphalt and that almost always ends up bad for me. But when I thought about the impact when running hill is less than on flat.
The tempo is impossible to do on grass (it’s either very wet or frosty=slippery) but I do that on gravel (correct word?) which must be the second best.
So the problem will not appear until the later part of gpp when track (speed) is introduced. Track and gym can’t be combined on the same day for me.

Gravel or cinder is probably the next best option to grass for tempo. Just watch out for it hardening up with the cold weather. I know this I used to train on a cinder track back in the good ol days. :rolleyes: