Help needed on a beginner sprinter

i posted this in the 100m, Track & Field section but had no replies, but i really need some help/advice asap.

Basically i have decided to stop playing australian rules football due to financial reasons, eg, cost of petrol, club functions etc

So i decided to start training seriously for my 100m coaching will i will start to recieve in October.

Now, i have many requests and questions. but first thing first, i believe some background and stats are needed…

Age- 18
Sex- Male
Years training with/in-
100m : nothing serious
Weights : nearly two years
Sports : 3 years

I wasn’t born an athlete, but i want to make myself into one. in the next post will show while i wasn’t a big athlete at a young age…

Weight : 50kg (110lbs)
Height : 167cm (5’5")

1RM Benchpress : 42.25kg (93.5kg)
1RM Barbell Row : 45kg (99lbs)
1RM Squat : 77.5kg (170.5lbs)

Standing Long Jump : 2.27m (7’5")
Vertical Leap : 55cm (1’8")

100m PB : 13.27secs
Long Jump PB : 5.06m (16’8")

Now i know for a fact that my lifts are small, my jumps are short and my time is slow. so i don’t need anyone telling me that.

what i want is some help on improving myself. I am willing to do my best. follow a diet, lifting, running, jumping, wateva it takes. however, i don’t want help on supplements as i barely take any, and if it is, it is just a little bit of protein powder.

so what is a good 100m starting program to help cut down my time? any help would be appreicated (sp).

i want to lower my time a little before i start coaching in 5 months. so just by other people’s experience, how much do you think i could take off my time doing a soild program and diet in 5 months? what could i get down to?

also as a supplemental event, what are some tips on long jump training.

thankyou all who reply in advance.

Medical conditions and stuff
have had a pretty rough time in my early years with medical problems and such. i don’t know why i’m posting this but maybe people will understand a bit bout me…

instead of being born in a hospital bed, i was born on the side of a road in the ambulance. where, i had close heart ateries, a hole in the lung n in the heart.

i was flown over to the Royal Children Hosptial in Melbourne Australia. the doctors proceeded and performed open-heart surgery on me at only two days old (thus,the scar down the middle). they fixed a couple arteries n the hole in the lung.

i don’t know how to spell the condition but i have a twisted spine (as you can see), and i have a bone growing of my spine.

the worst thing my parents went through was when the doctors told them i would not see my first birthday.

the doctors were wrong (but not far off)

in 2001 i had a operation on my lung, because one lung is smaller than the other. they failed, so know i have to have the same operation next year.

other than that, i still have a hole in my heart, a couple close arteries, a tiwsted spine n a bone growing of it, and my left lung is smaller than my right. other than that, i’m pretty healthy and normal (i think lol)

bascially all that stuff made my mother (R.I.P) be over protective of me at a young age and didn’t want me to do sports or anything. so i have started really late compared to others, but i still wanna go good

Not to be rude, but you have made a thread just like this about three times before. :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Its time to take some action, you can definately go faster than 13s. Get in contact with your local track club. Hit the weights 2x a week and do plyos.

Your training age with the 100m is 0 so yes you definately can get faster.

Yeah i know i have, and i’m sorry for that.

however, i have not gained any information that can actually help me

you say hit the weights 2x a week, do i do upper body one day, and lower the other day? compounds? heavy? explosive? olympic lifts?

how many times a week do i do plyo’s? do i do them after weights? on different days?

i’m going to be coached in 5months becauses thats when the coach starts re-training the athletes.

also, actually going down and sprinting? should i focus on doing that right now? if so, just focus on 100m and 200m sprinting or anything? how many times a week?

i just don’t want to start training blindly and not see results which i could get with a good, well thought out program…

p.s, diet, should i worry about one? just eat, eat, eat? speific (sp) foods

hey man,
get a copy of CFTS it will give you what you need.

where can i get it from? does it cost anything?

thanks but i can’t really buy anything atm cos i spent all my money on my new spikes. and i have no credit cards and i don’t live in the usa, i don’t know if all that matters.

would someone be able to tell me if i got the right idea here…

Monday : weights - lowerbody, plyometrics
Tuesday : sprints
Wednesday : weights - upperbody
Thursday : sprints, plyometrics

Friday : weights - lowerbody
Saturday : sprints or GGP

am i totally wrong or what? just as a spilt

i still haven’t got anything, or read enough articles to put together a soild training program.

can anyone help here?

sorry if i am getting annoying to some, but once i obtain some help on designing this program, alot of it will stop

The CFTS is only $19. In the UK that is like 4 pints of bear or parking in London for 4 hours, or 3 meals at MaceyDs.

Here is a training programme.

Monday 3x (2x10m [rest 3min], 2x20m, [rest 5min] 2x30m [rest 7min]) Flat out

Tue 10x100m tempo at in 18s with 30s rest

Wed Weights - 5x5reps squat, 5x5reps Bench, 3x12 pull ups, 3x12 rows. Some crunches

Thursday off

Friday 2x30 [rest 7 min between], 4-5x60m flat out [rest 10min between] + Weights same as wednesday

Sat 2x(4x200) tempo in 34s with 200m walk in between runs and 4min rest between the 2 sets.

Sunday Off

Do this for 10 weeks and you will probably break 13s in the 100m. During that time find a track coach or save up for the CFTS and the DVDs.

Hope this helps,


that has helped a great deal, thankyou very much.

just a couple questions…

1/ what do these means? i kinda get the idea, but just need some help “3x (2x10m [rest 3min], 2x20m, [rest 5min] 2x30m [rest 7min])”, same as tempo runs, just to make sure, you don’t go flat-out in them do you?

2/ how come there are no explosive lifts or plyometrics? and i only lift 2x a day. i read “the shorter the distance, more time spent in the gym than on the track” but anyway, i will go with you on this one. but seroiusly, where are the powercleans and another day of lifting?

3/ can i do pull-downs instead of pull-ups? i assume so.

thats about it. if anyone can answer them questions that would be great.

thankyou again tc0710

as for your beer comments, i don’t drink at all, and i’m on a very low allowance and such.

and i will start to be coached in October (5 months), and i just want to have my time lowered by then.

  1. run 10m rest 3min run 10m rest 3 min run 20m rest 5 min run 20m rest 5min run 30m rest 7min run 30m rest 7min. Repeat this three times. This is an acceleration session.

  2. No need to do power cleans or plyometrics until you are strong and have some general conditioning. If you want to practice explosive power then do jumps upwards onto a box and jumps into a sand pit (standing long jump).

  3. Yes you can but learn to do pull ups (hands facing towards your face) as they are a good exercise you can do anywhere.

Do this with some general medicine ball work (throws against a wall) and by next October you will be a lot better than you are now.

Its not rocket science until you have several years of experience. Its just practice and getting generally more athletic.

Good luck and save up your money for the CFTS and DVDs.

thankyou for all of that. i now understand everything and now i am roaring to start traning.

btw, the reason i opted for pull-downs is because i can’t find a good place to do pull-ups.

once again, thankyou

oops sorry but i just can’t seem to get my head around these two days.

i don’t quite understand the whole temp and 18s, and temp and 34s.


He means run the 100s in 18 seconds and run the 200s in 34 seconds (low to medium speed)

As above but for clarification:

Tue 10x100m tempo at in 18s with 30s rest

So you run 100m in 18s (so slowly) and then have 30s rest and do it again. Repeat this 10 times

Sat 2x(4x200) tempo in 34s with 200m walk in between runs and 4min rest between the 2 sets.

So you run 200m in 34s (again slowly) and then walk 200m and then run 200m in 34s again and repeat 4 times. Then rest 4 minutes and repeat the whole thing.

Tempo runs are submax so these will feel fairly easy individually but hard when done one after the other.

sorry once again, but i have another question…

how come there isn’t any actual 100m sprinting training? its either short or tempo?

i would be able to handle doing 100m sprints, or should i just steer away for a while?

if i can do them, where should i add them?

The point is you start out sprinting with distances that are shorter and building your acceleration then moving the distance out eventually to work on max velocity then speed endurance. Buying CFTS and Speed Trap would really be worth your effort because they’re so cheap and filled with info. You need periodization for best results and straight 100m running year round isn’t the best way to go about it typically.

ok, thankyou for that

i just wish to thank everyone who has helped, mainly tc, thankyou alot man.

and i think charliefrancis is becoming my new home as all the other forums i am member of are for bodybuilders, and yeah, no need to say anymore.

thankyou again, this forum is great. i have a feeling i will be improving and for everyone who has help, you can take some pride on that. knowing you have helped someone better themselves