Help Me!!!!!!!

Hello all,
I did a track meet last night on the 55metres and my time was 8secs.i am 25years old,188lbs.From what i was told,after clearing the block,my speed just decreased to the end.What can i do to increase my speed because i am having another meet in 3weeks.Thanks everyone and happy holidays.

we got to know what you are doing training wise,nutruition wise and recovery your details so we can aid you and hopefully help you run faster

I have just been working only on my starts and work on my speed because the indoor track is like an hour away.For Nutrition wise, i only take protein shake and eat fruit plus multivitamin.I was hoping to get some ideas also on nutrition.Thanks

ok so you work on your starts,how do you do that-what do you work on when doing them-have you seen yourself clearing the blocks? you also work on speed,what do you do for enhancing your speed.can you drive,if so an hour isn’t that bad to get to an indoor facility.

you’ll have to post exactly what you’ve eaten over the past week(minimum) to approach your diet.the same canbe said for your workouts.sprinting fast is about having a plan but the plan must address your strenghts and weakness’ and working on both

For the past months, i have been doing some plyometrics,stadium steps and speedwork.

As for nutrition,i really don’t have a steady diet but i eat rice,meat,protein shape,apple and sometimes subway.I am trying to lose some weight and gain muscle.If any ideas, i will appreciate it.Thanks

speedmaster,training is like building a got to have a plan and work off the initial and all other phases must follow.some of the guys here actually keep on-line training diaries i would would strongly recommend you taking a look.also try to get your hands on the charlie francis training system,this book will show you how to build a programme.

you say over the past few months you have been doing plyro’s,stadiums and speedwork.were you using a tapering effect,pyramiding? you must understand that you need a plan but in order to do a plan you must understand how training principles work.

as far as your diet,you want to lose you do tempo work? as CF says in order to lose weight you got to burn more than what you eat calorie wise.with proper training weight shouldn’t be an issue thats if training is correct and eating habits are in place

My problem is I don’t have a steady plan on training and nutrition,that is the reason for doing the indoor to see what i need to change from my running so that i can be ready for the outdoors.I have been thinking of getting the GPP but I don’t know if they take money order.But until I do that any ideas will help me a lot because i Know i can do 6 something in the 55metres. Thanks X-man for all your help.

mmmm id make more realistic short term goals. possibly next year you could think about dipping into the 6’s, cuz a 1 sec drop is a pretty big one. Your best bet is too look around this forum as much as possible for plans, but your best bet would be to look for posts on mechanics and charlie’s training theories, as once you know those making a plan and understanding why certain elements are in their place becomes much easier. Post what you currently do for track workouts this and weight workouts on a given week. Like X-man said, from this we can help you best from there with that info.

My training is done mon,wed,thur.
work on start.
3 x 60 standing start
6 x 60 on block
plyometric on thurs.

weight training is done tues,fri
barbell curls
hammer curls
leg press
machine press
leg raise

for nutrition
I take protein shake in the morning with oatmeal
In the afternoon
rice and stew(fish,meat or chicken)
In the evening
i eat rice again and protein shake before bed

first prob is five CNS days in a row. Second is you schedule two speed sessions in a row. Also you dont do any tempo, acc., or max V work. Your workout is what a SE workout would look like for you. You should try to have sprinting, plyo and weights on the same day, then tempo on days between. Try a structure where the first day focuses on acc, second SE, third Max V w/e tempo on days between. In season just try to combine your max v and acc. days, keep you SE day, drop the friday workout(along with the weights) and adjust volume to maintainance. Take out the curls, they are of no function to a sprinter. Also take out leg press, you already have squat, and take away machine press. Use free weights. Plyo once a week sounds fine, try to couple it with acc. days so you have plenty of rest time. So basically a structure could look like this
Day 1-Focus on Acc., Plyo, Weights
Day 2-Tempo
Day 3-SE(basically the workout you listed would work), weights
Day 4-Tempo
Day 5-Max V work, Weights

Then for comp you could do
Day 1-Acc and Max V, Plyo, Weights
Day 2-Tempo
Day 3-SE, Lower body weights
Day 4-Tempo, Upper Body Weights
Day 5-Rest
Day 6-Race

speedmaster, 60m runs arent starts. if you want to work on starts, try 10m - 30m runs.

60m runs are for max V