Help me with my routine!

I’m going by the force x velocity = power and I’m stuck at what to add to complete my workouts. So far it looks like this:

DAY 1 - squat, hang clean, ???, lunge, standing calf raises

DAY 2 - snatch, push press, ???, hammer curls, dips

DAY 3 - bench, DL, good mornings, seated row, db incline press

For sprints I have it like this:

DAY 1 - 3x30 @ 70%, 3x30 @ 70% {falling starts}

DAY 2 - 3x60 @ 70% {focusing on stride}, 3x30 @ 90%

DAY 3 - 3x30 @70% {focusing on starting power}, 3x60 @ 90% flying starts w/20m start

Please let me know what to add, subtract and what kind of rep ranges and sets I should be aiming for.

bump anyone?