help me squat!!!

Hey guys I having a real problem keeping my heels on the ground when I squat heavy. I don’t if it’s because my form is wrong, if I’m weak in some areas of my body, if it’s my foot wear or if its because of my flat feet, I have no arch whatsoever. guys please help me out heres the video out

more mobility work on the calf and lower leg area. nice depth.

can you give me some examples?

any calf stretch, im sure you know how to stretch ur calfs. keep it simple twice a day for 2 sets 30sec hold. it may help if you widen your stance a little.

Get powerlifting shoes. I use addidas. They have a wicked solid heal/partially wooden, and not too high. I payed 149 USD for them. You cant run around in them but very sturdy. It corrected that problem for me.

lol, dude seriously no need for a athlete to invest that kind of money in weightlifting shoes, just work on mobility an dont take the easy way and use the 149 on some great training tools like cfts.

Well you could go for the 79$ version. If you want to protect your knees then its a good investment. When your 40 youll thank me.

please dont go there, protect your knees how?you sound like one of those old school high school football coaches in 70’s.

I basically am. It changes the squatting angle. Look guy from boston doesnt beat around the bush.

Got the b’s to say what ur thinking.

How would it protect your knees tho? Elevated heels don’t protect your knees better, many powerlifters squat in a pair of chucks, flat shoes. I own a pair of the best addidas olympic lifting shoes with elevated heels, but I usually just squat in a pair of nike frees. I know for a fact that some coaches, actually go from a flat shoe to an elevated shoe, because yes, theres a different angle, and it will cause hypertrophy and maybe strength gains, cause the exersice is different. I’ve never heard of elevated heels helping knees. Maybe in one rare case it did… I dunno.

What all squatters “kneed” to know

By Dr.squat.

It explains rocking, pronation, forces against mcl meniscus, patellea tracking, ect. Why you use squat shoes. What they do. How they help. What they help for. Anatomy of the knee. I’m not big on chucks.

Got to the b’s to say.

Excellent depth

Excellent strength. Some calf stretches may help with the heel. Check out Mark Rippetoe’s books Starting Strength and Practical Programming if you have not already.

Simply a matter of leaning too far forward when you squat. Your form looks very good, just try to stay more center. Think of squatting between your legs rather then down, and if it helps, squat in a wider stance. I don’t think its any weaknesses imo, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Do you have same problems with lighter weight?
Check out ankle mobilization by Michael Boyle

Ok everyone has their opinion. But leaning to far foward is the cardinal rule of what not to do while squatting. Squat shoes correct this. There are a lot of opinions out there.

I read an article by Dave Tate saying that wider stance is better. Theres a shorter way to go. Supposedly you progress a few inches a month to you to get a wider stance. I think seven of nine guys he train that all squat over 900 do this. Doesnt mean its correct though. I would think this position puts the body in an anatomically incorrect position.

On dr.squats site. He gave advice about jumping off a table and landing to see how your feet land. Didnt say it was 100% accurate but mentioned the body will anatomatically go to the positon that puts the most force to absorbing ground contact.

Anyways this all got me thinking. I wonder that with a wider stance this could eleviate leaning foward to far specifically for this individual. Or maybe pointing the foot out more. Also maybe the position of where you grip the bar. Most heavy weight squatters have their arms extended longer grip. Not closer together.

Good luck. B’s to say it.

Others have said most of this, but here’s my two cents…

-get some chuck’s, most all the big pl’s use them, including during training
-do some wider stance work as well, but don’t necessarily give up your narrow stance, use both from time to time.
-with wider stance, points toes out slightly
-watch you back. It appears like there’s some rounding…don’t get lazy on the second or third rep, keep that back arched tightly from rack to rack.
-nice depth

Also I cant stand mike boyle. No stretching. Please. It looks like their dancing in those videos. Two thousand dollars a summer for what. Run two miles hard then squat. Most former mike boyle athletes trash the guy. I know cuz hes in boston and he primarily trains hockey players in this area. I know several that have went pro. They are the biggest trash talkers of his methods.

Big name doesnt mean squat.

Nike just hired a guy for their camp as a line coach. He gives plyos everyday to the kids at his facility. Not naming names though. I know cuz I used to train there. What Im saying is just because these guys have a big name charging a lot doesnt mean their correct.

I mean the guys that are better. Maybe someone like tom shaw. Even though they might charge a lot to some people he sometimes trains the guys for free. Yes I said free. I dunno. I want to be like mike boyle get a permit so I can rip kids off too ya know. Another frigin idiot from boston. Then when I get a couple hundred kids. Keep raising the price. Yall get what im saying.

I got the b’s to say what your thinking.

We agree, I like to see that :wink:

Imo don’t you think it’d be more efficient to learn to squat properly without shoes, rather then build a reliance on them?

What are their negative comments towards Boyles methods?