help me please

Hello all,
I was working on my starts yesterday and someone told me that my arms are not swinging faster which is causing me to loose time.I was wondering what kind of exercise i should do to help me rectify this problem? Thank you very much in advance.

Your arms are not swinging faster than what exactly? Explain to us all how you are starting. Give as many details as you can.

The problem is i moved them too slow at the start like after the gun is fired.most of the guys i train with moves their arms way faster than i can.I don’t what kind of exercise i can do to improve it because i have some competition starting december.

common anyone please!!!

hmmm… no

yo should try to work muscles on ur uppper body ,also d better pump ur armspowerfully when the gun blow

what height are you. example look at carl lewis vs dennis mitchell clearing the blocks.who will have the quickest arm movment???

DM will of course cause his levers are shorter.CL has longer levers thus leading to greater stride/arm movement.don’t worry just make sure you are smoking your mates.

Relaxation is a very important issue. The shoulders must be relaxed to be able to pump the arms fast on the ‘B’ of the bang. Practice loose arm swings in the mirror. What you do with your arms while driving (horizontal) is the same as what you’d be doing while vertical (full flight running).Keeping relaxed across the shoulder area. Another thing you can do which helped me, is to lean into a wall. With the wall supporting your forehead, pump the arms as you would be if you’re in the exit angle from the blocks. The emphasis should be on agressively driving the elbows back while remaining relaxed. Do these for a count of 6-8 seconds. This helped me loads…it may do the same for you.